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Love Alarm Season 3: Everything you should know!

Love Alarm us a Korean Drama series based Daum’s digital comic with the same name created by Chon Kye-young.It premiered first on Netflix in August 2019 and was ranked to be one of Netflix’s tip releases in 2019.Its a story about how a disruptive technology enables its users to find their love through an application which also notifies the user of someone in a 10 meter radius in their vicinity is romantically available for them.


love alarm season 2
  • Song Kang as Hwang Sun-oh
    • Kim Ji-woo as young Sun-oh
  • Jung Ga-ram as Lee Hye-yeong
    • Jung Ji-hoon as young Hye-young

Love Alarm season 2 release date and other details

After the first season was commercially hit ,Love Alarm season two was given a green signal from Netflix. Just like other countries the Corona virus cases had peaked hence all the production and filming was paused. There is still some production work left for season two hence the fans will have to wait a bit longer.Love Alarm season 2 is expected to release sometime in 2021.There is no conformation neither from the makers nor Netflix.


If you are into romantic dramas this show is definitely meant for you to watch!Two childhood friends Lee and Hwang.But these two youngsters Hwang Sun-oh and Lee Hye-Yoeng fall for the same girl called Kim Jojo.But Jojo is in a conundrum whether to choose Lee or Hwang.The first season showed the chemistry of Lee and Hwang with Jojo. In season two we’ll see whether Jojo would choose Lee or Hwang.The reason why Jojo guarded from showing her heart connection is Still unknown.in the second season application will also update to love alarm 2.0 it is also expected to see the app developer and more about who he/she is too in the upcoming season.

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