Love Victor Season 2: Is there another Season of Love Victor? What to expect?

love victor season 2

Love Victor Season 2 is much awaited by the fans after a bomb first season. The Hulu series is a teen drama breaking the LGBTQ+ stigma in society. The release of the first season brought in a lot of attention when Disney decided to release the series on Hulu and not on Disney Plus. Sources say that Disney felt it would be too much for the family-friendly audience as the series shows alcohol use and sexual exploration. It wouldn’t fit in with the Disney Plus content. Nonetheless, it was a huge success, and we are waiting for the second season!

Love Victor Season 2 Updates

Love Victor Season 2 Expected In 2021 

The series Love Victor Season 2 was renewed for another season back in August last year. But as of now, there is no official date for the release. It is expected to be released in summer 2021. However, it is not confirmed yet. 

Katherine Langford From 13 Reasons Why Might Come For Love Victor Season 2 

Katherine Langford in Love Victor Season 2

Love Victor Season 2 is likely to have the same cast as for the first season. It includes Michael Cimino, George Seas, Rachel Hilson, James Martinez and many more. As the first season saw many guest appearances, there are chances that the upcoming season might have the same pattern as well. 

Sources revealed that the Katherine Langford who played the role of Hannah in 13 Reasons Why series might consider coming as a guest star in Love Victor Season 2. However, there is no official confirmation regarding the same. 

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Will Victor Come To His Conservative Family In Love Victor Season 2?

Love Victor Season 2 Details

Series Love Victor follows the story of a high-school boy named Victor. He is half-Puerto Rican and half-Colombia-American teenager. He attends the same high school as Simon and struggles with his sexuality. Eventually, he realizes that he is gay; he gets scared as to how to come out to his family, who is too conservative. With time, he becomes friends with Simon, and he helps him understand his life and everything related to his sexual orientation that he was struggling with. 

As for the Love Victor Season 2, the details of the plotline is under wraps. Not much has been revealed so far, but lead Michael Cimino who plays the role of Victor said that he had read the script for the upcoming season. He claimed that it left him crying. Cimino said that he read the first script for season two and he was “legit crying”. He concluded by promising his audience that he’ll make sure that he does it better than his best in the next season. 

Disney Controversy Surrounding Love Victor Series


The series Love Victor started with controversy, The series was supposed to be released on Disney Plus, but it got shifted to Hulu instead. When the series was shifted, a source revealed that the series explores subjects like teen alcohol use and sexual exploration. And such content wouldn’t fit in with the Disney’s family-friendly content on Disney Plus. 

But this move received a lot of backlash from the people. Some even said that the platform Disney Plus lacked the LGBTQ+ representation. However, Becky Albertalli, author of the book Love, Simon defend Disney’s move. He urged his fans to give Disney “the benefit of the doubt”.

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