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Lovecraft Country Season 2: What We Know So Far!!

Lovecraft Country Season 2

We are waiting for HBO to announce Lovecraft Country Season 2 because the first season won our hearts. The first season was released in August 2020.

Lovecraft Country Season 2: Are We Getting Another Season?

Lovecraft Country Season 2

The first season of the series won the hearts of the audience. Thus another season is highly awaited. But the question is that has HBO renewed the series?

Well as of now nor the makers or HBO have uttered anything about Lovecraft Country Season 2. But there are speculations that the makers are gearing up for another season. It is just that things are getting delayed due to the ongoing pandemic.

If reports are to be believed then we will get an official announcement about Lovecraft Country Season 2 soon. Also, HBO had announced about Lovecraft season 1 way back in 2017. But it released three years later i.e in 2020.

So there are chances that Lovecraft country Season 2 might also take a few years to hit the screen.

Lovecraft Country Season 2: What Can Be The Expected Plot?

This horror series revolves around Atticus Freeman who comes to a different city in search of his father. He is a black man who comes to America and faces racial discrimination as well.

Lovecraft Country Season 2

Apart from that he also starts experiencing supernatural elements in the town he is in. But at the end of the first season, we saw that Atticus gets killed by Christina who needed his blood for becoming immortal. She also kills Ruby but Leti is still alive.

We also saw that Atticus before breathing his last asked Montrose to take care of their child. So in Lovecraft Country Season 2, we might actually see Atticus coming back or the story might take a different turn. It is difficult to assume anything now but one thing is for sure that Lovecraft Country Season 2 might connect Atticus to his past.

Lovecraft Country Season 2

It will be interesting to see if the series go through a time-lapse and we see Atticus’s son as the protagonist in a quest to find his grandfather. Also, we can expect to see Christina getting punished for the sins she committed.  Also, we will get to know the reason behind who Atticus actually chose to sacrifice himself so that Christina gets immortality.

Hence Lovecraft Country Season 2 will be full of revelations, action and thrill. All we need to do is wait for HBO to make a final announcement about renewing the series.

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