Maharashtra Police arrests 3 people for blackmailing

Delhi police

Maharashtra Police have arrested three people who were indulge in a blackmailing. They used to blackmail the people who are from Akola district  through an alleged honey trap.

This was their work, they used to prap people like and from this they have extorted around 3 lakh rupees. The news came out when they went to find their new target.

Maharashtra Police

The person who they targeted was a government worker. They tried to do the same with him as well but they could not because the Maharashtra police filed an FIR against the three people.

The man informed the Maharashtra police that there was a lady from their gang whose name is Priti Thorat. She contacted the man over the phone and tried to behave as if she is so naive.

She tried her best to convince him that she called him by mistake and that was the wrong number. After that they started talking and then the lady asked him to meet him in person.

On January 21, the woman arrived in a car and the two were having a conversation when three men arrived and pulled out the complainant from the car.

Maharashtra Police

They started assaulting the complainant, alleging that he had misbehaved with their sister. They also threatened to file a police complaint against him and defame him by telling people at his office and neighbourhood about his act.

Later, the three men asked the complainant for Rs 1 lakh to stop them from defaming him, following which he paid them the money. But before that the man informed the police about the incident. Later on during the interrogation the news came out that they have done the same with many people of Akola district.

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