Maharashtra tends to increase lockdown till 31 January

Maharashtra government

Maharashtra the most famous city of India, is facing problem due to this coronavirus. The state government has announced that they are going to increase the lockdown date till 31 january.

Anil Deshmukh who is the state home minister of maharashtra said to the media that the virus is still not away from us. we are not totally safe, He asked to all the people of the country to take care of themselves and asked to follow all the rules.


Soon there will be party at everyone’s house for new year and all will be enjoying, at that time we should keep it in our mind that the virus is still around us and Anil Deshmukh added that the people should avoid crowd and public gathering as well.

The government of Maharashtra has said that all the hotels, bars, and pubs are going to be open till 11 PM during the new year. And after this time nobody is allowed to do anything. All the citizens of maharashtra are bound to follow these rules made by the government.


After 11 PM public gathering should not be there, five people are not allowed to stay together after this time period. Sanjay Kumar who is the State Chief Secretary have given the instruction of lockdown in this region.

All the departments of the state are required to follow these rules strictly. There should not be any kind of mistake.


The government is giving so much attention to the welfare of the public, The extension of the lockdown is going be beneficial for the public. The population of the maharashtra is very high and that is a big problem. The government is trying to solve the issue related to the covid-19.

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