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Mike Tyson set to return this weekend after a huge 15-year gap

Mike Tyson Vs Roy Jones

Mike Tyson will face former multi-divisional champiion Roy Jones Jr. in his return to boxing

Former and youngest ever boxing Heavyweight Champion Mike Tyson is all set to make his return to the ring in an exhibition fight. His opponent? The boxer who at a point of time seemed untouchable to those who fought him, former 4-Division Champion, Roy Jones Jr. It’s been almost 15 years since ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson has stepped foot in the ring while Jones himself retired in 2018 at the age of 48.

Both men are remarkably older than the prime versions of them we are used to seeing. With A combined age of 105, Mike being 54 years of age and Roy being 51, there were certain restrictions that the commissions had to put in for the well-being of the fighters.

Roy Jones Jr is one of the best all-round boxers ever

The fight is sanctioned for 8, 2-minute rounds.(contrary to the usual 3 minute rounds) Fighter’s aren’t supposed to go for the K.O. though that seems highly unlikely in a bout featuring either of the boxers. There will be no judges hence the fight can’t be won by decision. The only way to win is if either fighter is unable to continue or is knocked out.

Check out UFC President Dana White’s hilarious reaction to finding out the rule-set for the bout.

Going into the fight, an analysis of training videos posted by each fighter tells a different story. Roy Jones’ looks sleek with fast hands but nowhere near poses the movement a prime Jones had. Mike on the other hand terrified the world with the speed and power he possessed at the age of 54. The only thing not going Tyson’s way might be his cardio. Tyson revealed on the JRE podcast that after the first time he got back to training he couldn’t get out of bed for weeks.

Both fighters boast incredible resumes and were once the unbeaten champions in their division. Despite this, all eyes are on Iron Mike as the world is desperate and curious to see if Tyson can be his younger self in the ring after all these years

Tyson Stunned the world after his KO victory over Trevor Berbick making him Heavyweight champion at 20 years old

The event is set to take place at the Staples Centre in Los-Angeles on the 28th of November. Tyson has made it clear that if things go well, he will aim for fights against today’s top heavyweights like Deontay Wilder, Anthony Joshua and his namesake Tyson Fury.

For many fans including myself, this will be the first time we watch Tyson in action live and I think we should all just take a moment to appreciate that. Tyson gained worldwide notoriety after he captured the Heavyweight crown at the mere age of 20.

You can watch Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr’s career highlights below

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