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Mindhunter Season 3: Are We Getting Another Season?

Mindhunter Season 3

After the immense success of the previous seasons we are all waiting for Mindhunter Season 3. But is another season on the cards?

Mindhunter Season 3: Is There Another Season?

Mindhunter Season 3

The second season of this thriller series was dropped on August 2019. And since then we have been waiting for Mindhunter Season 3. But has the series been renewed for another season?

The previous seasons got a warm response from the audience and the critics. And owing to that we were hoping that Netflix would consider renewing the series. But that seems unlikely now.

The execute producer of the series David Fincher has stated in one of his interviews that they are not planning another season. He revealed that after penning the script for the second season he considered it done. Because it gets very exhausting at times to brainstorm and find new ideas and concepts.

Mindhunter Season 3

And he also added that the second season had a satisfying end. Apart from that Fincher stated another reason why we might not get Mindhunter Season 2. The reason is that the series is quite expensive apart from just being time-consuming.

Therefore the makers don’t really feel the need for another season. Thus it is clear that Mindhunter Season 3 is not on the cards as of now.

Netflix has not officially cancelled the series so far, so we still have hope!

Mindhunter Season 3: Plot

The Netflix thriller series revolves around FBI agents Holden Ford and Bill Tench who are in their quest to study the minds of serial killers to understand what makes them commit these heinous crimes.

In the previous, we saw that the story focussed in the early 80s where the agents worked in the infamous case of the Atlanta Child Murders and some other notorious cases.  Both the seasons focussed on crimes that occurred in the 70s and 80s.

Mindhunter Season 3

So if we ever get Mindhunter Season 3, we can expect it to revolve around the horrific murder cases in the mid and late 80s. This crime thriller is one of its kind because it not only focuses on the crime and the victims. But analyses the mindset of the killers. It basically sheds light on the psyche of the killers.

No wonder this Netflix series has earned many prestigious awards.

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