Moana 2 : Are We Going To Get A Sequel To This Epic Disney Movie Soon?

Moana 2
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Everyone is highly anticipating a sequel to one of the best Disney animation movie Moana. But the question is that have the makers really agreed for a sequel. If yes, then when is it coming out?

Moana 2: Can We Expect The Sequel Anytime Soon?

Moana was released in 2016 and to date has been one of the most love Disney movies. Directed by Ron Clements and John Musker, this film went on getting the Academy Award for being the best-animated feature film. The response this film got from the critics and the audience was overwhelming.

Moana 2
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Therefore it is obvious that we all want a sequel to this 3D animated movie. As per the sources are makers are on a talk with Disney to make a sequel to Moana. There are also speculations that the making of the film is getting delayed due to the ongoing pandemic. But it will not be right to predict anything until we get an official confirmation from Disney and the makers of Moana.

With the rising demands of fans from all over the world, the makers might be planning for Moana 2 soon. Because just like the first part even the sequel will surely win hearts and accolades as well. But even if they are planning a sequel then we can expect it to hit the screens by the end of 2021 or early 2022 and not before that. 

Moana 2: What Are The Other Things That Can Be Expected?

Well if we get a sequel to Moana we can expect Auli’i Cravalho and Dwayne Johnson to return as the voice actors for the pivotal characters Moana and Maui. Because in a recent interview both of them have expressed their desires to make a comeback as voice actors if the sequel to this movie has ever made.

Moana 2
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Moreover, we can also expect some twists in the storyline. In the first part of Moana, we have witnessed that Moana has finally become the chief of her village Motunui. So in the sequel, we can expect to witness how Moana’s life changes drastically after becoming the Chief. We can also expect a lot of adventures.

Hence the sequel to Moana is going to be a saga of twists and turns, adventure, and emotions. But for that, all we need to do is wait for Disney and the makers to make an official announcement.

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