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Mohammad Amir announces his retirement from International Cricket

The confirmation came for the retirement from the fast bowler of Pakistan, Mohammad Amir from the international cricket on Thursday after claiming that he cannot work with the current management. He was only 28 years old and ended his career last year after making 147 appearances for his country across the formats. The same included fifty T20s, 36 tests and 61 one-day. He took 259 wickets in all the games. His last outing came against England in August in the second international T20. The decision of retirement got confirmed by him during an interview to the TV news channel, Samaa wherein criticisation was done by him to the team management claiming that he was overworked.

Mohammad Amir announces his retirement

Mohammad Amir states that he is leaving cricket now as he is mentally tortured and he do not think he can bear such tortures anymore. He has served his term and bore lots of torture from 2010 to 2015. He got tortured by saying that PCB invested a lot in him. He states that he will say that only two people invested a lot in him, the former chairman of PCB, Najam Sethi and the former captain of Pakistan, Shahid Afridi. They were only the two of them who invested a lot in him while the rest of the team were saying that they do not want to play with Amir.

Recently, there is such a creation of the atmosphere that all the time he gets taunted and is being told that he does not wants to play for his country. He says that someone says something against him every two months and Amir asks in the interview that who does not wants to play for their country. Sometimes it is said that Amir ditched everyone by the bowling coach while sometimes he is told that the workload is unsatisfactory. Now, it is enough for him.

Statement from the Pakistan Cricket Board

A statement also got released from the Pakistan Cricket Board regarding the retirement of Mohammad Amir. It was stated that Wasim Khan, chief executive of Pakistan Cricket Board spoke with Mohammad Amir after the announcement report of his retirement from the international cricket. PCB’s chief executive was also confirmed by the cricketer that he does not have any intentions or desires of playing international cricket and hence he should not get considered for international matches in future. PCB respects the personal request of Mohammad Amir and thus at this stage they would not make any further comments on the matter.

Another reminder is served by the statement as to the broken down relations between the current team management and Amir. Earlier it was also claimed by Amir on Thursday that the management team is mentally torturing him, frequently taunting him, and sideling him deliberately. It was since a while that discontentment was simmering before coming to a head on finally. Earlier this year, Amir also found that his got excluded from the list of central contacts of the PCB and last month also omitted from the 35-man squad of Pakistan to New Zealand.