Mom Requirements for Safe Management Measures

Day in the Life of a MOM Inspector – Lim Wei Xuan How does MOM detect safety and health deficiencies on construction sites? Watch the video to see how Wei Xuan, MOM`s Senior Occupational Safety and Health Inspector, talks about his work with his friend Yu En. Follow Wei Xuan as you conduct inspections and advise companies on how to make their construction sites safer for workers. #MOMers #MOMOfficers #GreatWorkforce #GreatWorkplace When inspected by a government agency, companies must be willing to demonstrate that they have met the requirements. All travellers are subject to border measures applicable upon entry into Singapore, including payment for their stay at special SHN facilities and testing, if applicable. All Singapore citizens (SC), permanent residents (PR) and long-term pass holders (LTPH) are eligible for regular funding arrangements for their COVID-19 treatment if they develop symptoms within 14 days of returning to Singapore and require hospitalization due to suspected COVID-19 infection – SCs and PRs can access government grants and MediShield Life (MSHL)/Integrated Shield Plan (IP); SLDPs can rely on their usual funding arrangements, such as private insurance. For an overview of the requirements that must be met prior to resuming operations, see Appendix B – Safe Handling in the Workplace Checklist for Resumption of Operations. [Updated January 1, 2022] If I am not medically eligible for COVID-19 vaccines under the National Immunization Program (NPP), what documentation do I need to prove to be eligible for the vaccine`s differentiated safe management measures? On 29 March 2022, the tripartite partners (Ministry of Manpower (“MOM”), Singapore National Employers Federation and National Trades Union Congress) updated their recommendation on occupational safety management measures to mitigate the risk of Covid-19 transmission in the general workplace (“Councils”). On March 24, 2022, the Department of Health announced the relaxation of measures to manage safe communities and border measures, and the recommendation has been updated to reflect this. Yes. Employers can impose rules on wearing masks that go beyond existing requirements, taking into account occupational safety and health and operational requirements. You should do an assessment based on your workplace.

For example, those with whom the infected worker ate, or those who were at a long meeting with them, may be at risk of infection. You may want to do ART to make sure they are safe and reduce the risk of transmission. #Didyouknow that the National Wages Council (NOC) met four times between 2020 and 2021 during the COVID-19 pandemic? This exemption, which usually meets only once a year, was granted so that annual salary guidelines could be revised and adjusted to help employers and workers deal with the economic uncertainty caused by the pandemic. In addition to encouraging employers to prioritize job retention, the flexible compensation system introduced by the NWC in 1986 has also proven crucial in allowing employers to reduce variable components of compensation to reduce costs rather than eliminate jobs altogether. These measures, along with the rest of the guidelines issued by the NWC in 2020-2021, have helped Singapore weather the pandemic and set its course for economic recovery. #NationalWagesCouncil #NWC50 #TripartiteSG (left to right): NTUC President Mary Liew, NWC President Peter Seah, SNEF President Robert Yap and former Secretary of Labor Aubeck Kam speaking to the media at a 2020 NWC virtual press conference during the COVID-19 pandemic. Companies should refer to BCA, NEA and Ministry of Health guidelines on improving ventilation and indoor air quality in buildings. This notice provides building owners and facility managers with up-to-date recommended actions to improve indoor ventilation and air quality through the proper operation and maintenance of air conditioning and mechanical ventilation systems. The requirements set out in the recommendation apply to general recruitment. Some workplaces, such as shipyards, may need to meet additional requirements and should be tied to sector-specific requirements. Agencies such as MOM, Building and Construction Authority (“BCA”), Economic Development Board (EDB) and Enterprise Singapore (ESG) will continue to enforce safe management measures and take action against misguided employers. This may include the issuance of stop-work orders and fines.

[Updated January 1, 2022] When will vaccine-differentiated MMS for vaccinated individuals be implemented? Why do we need to differentiate measures? Read the requirements for safe workplace management measures after the circuit breaker period. Implementation of a sustainable system of safe management measures The monitoring plan should at least include details of the measures taken to ensure that the requirements are communicated and complied with, as well as how anomalies or violations are identified. The plan should also identify risk mitigation strategies and proposed measures to address and document identified breaches. Employers must put in place a system for the sustainable implementation of safe management measures to create a safe working environment, including: a) a detailed monitoring plan to ensure compliance with the MMS and the timely resolution of outstanding issues, b) communicate and explain measures to workers to avoid misunderstandings, in particular in the case of measures related to home-based work; (c) post signs reminding workers and visitors to comply with all applicable measures; and (d) unionized enterprises should involve their unions in these agreements. A checklist of safe management measures is included in Appendix B of the recommendation. Eating remains a high-risk activity, as many people are unmasked and in close proximity to each other. Customers are reminded to follow all safe management measures and to keep their masks on at all times, except when eating or drinking. [Updated November 21] Can I organize my own meeting in a group of 5 people with F&B? Is vaccination necessary? How will the government monitor and enforce these measures? What are the penalties for people who flout the rules? Who can serve these sentences? Employers should implement workforce vaccination measures to ensure the safety of their employees and minimize pressure on healthcare capacity in Singapore. The following worker safety management measures apply: B Reduce physical interactions and ensure safe distance in the workplace Source: Requirements for Safe Management Measures in the Workplace After the Circuit Breaker Period (published by the Ministry of Labour on May 9, 2020, updated on May 16, 2020), Companies should appoint a person capable of performing the duties specified in the MOM requirements for the safe management of the workplace within the organization as designated Safety Management Officers (SDOs). For unionized companies, union leaders or occupational safety and health representatives could be appointed as PMOs.

Details of the updated workplace safety management measures, including the repealed safety management measures, are provided below. Starting today, we have introduced a series of measures to increase occupational safety (WSH) and improve WSH monitoring. This can be seen given the worrying rise in workplace deaths this year. We will work with companies to help them take on more responsibility for WSH during this six-month period of “enhanced security.” We understand that businesses can be pressured to meet project schedules and customer needs. However, this should not come at the expense of security. We urge all companies to use this period to thoroughly review their WSH systems and processes to ensure they meet security standards. Safety must come first so that our employees can return home safely after a day`s work. Scroll down to learn more about the new measures. [More workers can safely return to work] ð Working from home remains the standard method of working ð¢ More workers currently working from home can return to work â Employers must ensure that these workers work from home for at least half of their working hours and that no more than half of them are at work at all times â Employers should have flexible working hours and more Introduce staggered reporting hours to minimize crowds and possible gatherings in common rooms (incl. public transport) – split shift or shift arrangements should continue to be implemented; Ensuring clear separation of employees across different teams/shifts MOM informs that as Singapore moves towards endemicity, some requirements for safe management measures have been phased out. To facilitate the implementation of the applicable requirements for safe management measures, the following previous requirements for employers no longer apply: What happens if I go to the supermarket/convenience store/F&B store and there are too many people in or in line for me to practice a safe distance of one metre? While measures in Singapore will continue to evolve as the global situation evolves, we encourage everyone to check SafeTravel`s website for the latest updates. We do NOT make personal appointments at our Singapore office.

For those who are not familiar with the new guidelines, here are the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Labour – As part of the measures introduced as part of the enhanced safety phase, the Ministry of Labour (MOM) has required companies in high-risk sectors (construction, manufacturing, marine, process and transportation and storage) and others that engage in high-risk activities with the use of or industrial vehicles, Perform a mandatory safety shutdown period (STO) from September 1, 2022 to September 15, 2022.