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My Hero Academia Season 5: What We Know So Far!!

My Hero Academia Season 5

Fans are anticipating the release of My Hero Academia Season 5 owing to the success of the previous season. The fourth season of the manga series was aired in 2019 and the last episode was released in April 2020. Since then we have been waiting for another season of this amazing series.

My Hero Academia Season 5: When Can We Expect It?

My Hero Academia Season 5

As per sources, this anime series has already been renewed by the makers and the production work has resumed. Although it faced a little delay due to the ongoing pandemic it is speculated that the work has resumed.

If reports are to be believed then My Hero Academia Season 5 might arrive by mid-2021. Although the makers have not given any official confirmation as of now. Hopefully, we can expect the upcoming season to grace our screens by April 2021. 

But even if the release gest a bit more delayed due to the pandemic situation, we expect it by the end of 2021. But being an ardent fan of this series we expect the makers to get done with the production work as soon as possible and announce an official release that. Because we have a high expectation from My Hero Academia Season 5 and want it to hit the screens soon.

My Hero Academia Season 5: What To Expect?

The manga series revolves around the protagonist Izuku Midoriya who wants to gain superpower. Actually, he lives in a world where every human being has superpower called quirks.

My Hero Academia Season 5

But Izuku did not attain the superpower and therefore was made fun of since his childhood. But he meets a superhero called All Might who passes on his superpower to Izuki. In the previous season, we saw that Izuku, Ochaco and his counterparts are working in their Hero Agency.

We also saw that Deku has attained quirk and Fumikage has been blessed with the ability to fly. Therefore in My Hero Academia Season 5, we can expect to know a bit more about the antagonist of the series, Tomura. Apart from that, it will also be exciting to see how Izuki defeats Tomura using his quirk skills.

Apart from that in the previous season, we saw that All Might is suffering from a deadly disease. Therefore My Hero Academia Season 5 will tell us whether All Might actually defeat the disease or loses his life in the end. In a word, we can say that the upcoming season will be quite thrilling and adventurous. We can also see Izuki’s action-packed fight against Tomura!

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