National Legal Trainee Scheme 2022

The SJT evaluates your judgment in dealing with the types of situations you might encounter as an intern. If you meet the eligibility criteria on the application form, you will receive an email asking you to complete the TJS. Departments such as GLD, HMRC, NCA and CMA advertise their paralegal positions on the Public Sector Jobs website. There are no other summer or internships outside of the Diversity Summer Program. Information on the application and evaluation procedure for the internship Behaviors that lead to effective performance in the trainee role are described in our personal specifications. These behaviours are linked to the Public Service Success Profiles framework. GLD also offers articling students the opportunity to complete their training at GLD Commercial and work in various commercial law teams. Most of the places available are in London. However, two trainee lawyer positions offered at GLD are located in Leeds. At HMRC, second-year apprentices have the opportunity to hold up to two seats in Manchester. It is the applicant`s responsibility to check whether they are legally entitled to work in the UK. When applying, applicants will be asked about their nationality at birth, whether they are subject to immigration control, whether there are any restrictions on their continued residence or employment in the UK, etc.

Detailed document checks are conducted prior to hiring. The Legal Trainee Scheme (LTS) is the term used to describe apprenticeship contracts and training opportunities in government departments. As civil servants, trainee lawyers are appointed on the basis of a fair and open selection procedure on the basis of merit. The responsibility (including costs) for providing the appropriate documentation rests with the individual. The National Academic Recognition Information Centre (NARIC) provides information on the comparability of different international qualifications. The exercise is not a test of legal knowledge and is intended for non-legal students. Government agencies use external counsel for much of their judicial work. This means that trainee lawyers have the opportunity to work with experienced lawyers who are leading experts in their respective fields and to learn from them and from them. The internship is based on the principle of selection on merit on the basis of a fair and open competition. This is set out in the Commission`s Principles for Public Service Recruitment. This is a unique training program where you can gain insight into the work of a government lawyer and a lawyer in private practice. As part of the training program, a trainee lawyer is seconded to a private law firm to work for a completely different clientele for six months.

We will try to get the intern to work in a company of his choice and in the fields that interest him. We will also try to have a lawyer assigned to a number of chambers of his or her choice in order to learn directly from a lawyer in private practice. Finally, and unsurprisingly, the panel will focus on motivation for the role. The jury will try to understand the reasons why the candidate is applying for the internship. For example, through their knowledge of what government lawyers do and their motivation to work in the public sector. Updated to include details on the recruitment campaign for the 2015 internship. Note: Trainee lawyers who are hired under the Commercial Articling Program follow a specialized pathway and both complete their 2+2 secondment in a commercial law environment. It should also be ensured that business lawyers acquire relevant experience in non-contentious advisory functions and in commercial disputes/litigation activities. Launch of the GLP Campaign for Law Interns 2022 Please note that it is possible to meet the above nationality requirements and not be allowed to work in the UK. Newly arrived EEA nationals residing from 1.

January 2021 and their family members who are not eligible to apply for the EUSS will be subject to the UK`s new points-based immigration system. As such, they do not have the right to work in the civil service unless they can qualify under their own nationality (i.e. they are Irish nationals). The trainee positions available are for those who can start their training in September 2023 and September 2024. Further information on participating departments and available trainee positions can be found on the “Opportunities” page. Trainee lawyers are expected to carry out their role with commitment and commitment to the public service and its core values: integrity, honesty, objectivity and impartiality: the application process for the 2022 internship is open. The CPS offers a total of around 80 traineeships (solicitors and barristers). Assessment centres will only operate on published dates (July 11-25, 2022). Other dates will not be announced.

If you are unable to attend one of the Assessment Centre appointments, your application will unfortunately be withdrawn from the recruitment process. 80 places are available across the country as part of the 2023 programme at various locations in England and Wales. During your internship, you can count on two advisory positions and two litigation chairs. Regulations for newly qualified lawyers differ from department to department. For example, if you have completed your GLD training and graduated as a lawyer, GLD hopes to offer you a permanent legal position under its 2+2 program. Directors recognize the high level of legal competence achieved, and experienced lawyers recognize the value of a wide range of legal work in government early in their careers. The video interview is designed to assess the motivation of candidates for the internship program, as well as some of the behaviors essential to the position. The objective of the Legal Trainee Programme is to provide trainee lawyers with practical training in accordance with the requirements of the Law Society of Hong Kong or the Hong Kong Bar Association and to enable them to gain experience in various types of legal work performed by government lawyers. Our goal is to offer internship candidates the best possible service. If you are not satisfied with any aspect of the service you received during the process, please contact the recruitment team.