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Neeraj Dhanetwal One of the younger sensation Inspiring young minds to showcase their talent on digital social media

Neeraj Dhanetwal
Neeraj Dhanetwal

Sometimes you wake up, sometimes the fall kills you. And sometimes, when you fall, you fly high. And sky should not be the limit “

Neeraj Dhanetwal
Neeraj Dhanetwal

The journey of success cannot begin in one day. It all started when this young entrepreneur was determined to showcase his dedication towards digital marketing platforms through his obsession with making India and youth worthy of technology.

We have come across many inspiring stories of many successful faces. This one is about Neeraj Dhanetwal a passionate Developer.

He got in this field in the year 2010 without knowing that this could be the bright opportunity life has to offer.  He served as a blogger and created pages on the very famous platform Facebook and attracted a huge audience. He began his career with no capital, no funding but with enthusiasm and dedication towards what he was doing. lately with his education aligned he also creates his Instagram account where he got more into digital marketing and learning all about it. His engrossment never faded with time rather it became more and more compelling. Then this famed man was unstoppable as he continued to expired people on YouTube as well where people showed much love and interest towards his work and got inspired. He did this from the beginning by not investing capital, he never did that, all the investment was his vitality towards what he was doing. At the moment he has fascinated more than 50 million humankind and is continuing in doing so.

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