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New virus strains led to travelling of ban from the U.K.

Travel is barred by a growing number of nations of the European Union, Canada and others on Sunday from the U.K. Similar action is also in consideration from others in a bid to block a new strain of Coronavirus from spreading that is already sweeping across Southern England. Restrictions on the U.K. travel is also announced by France, India, Germany, Russia, Italy, Hong Kong, Netherlands, Israel, Denmark, Bulgaria, Poland, Norway, Belgium, Ireland, Austria, among many others. The announcements followed after Boris Johnson, British Prime Minister stated that there must be cancellations of Christmas shopping and gathering in Southern England due to spreading of infections rapidly as a result of the new variant of Coronavirus.

Travel Ban from U.K.

A strict new Tier 4 restriction level has immediately placed in those regions by Johnson and also upends Christmas plans for millions. Travel ban is place by France for fourty eight hours from midnight Sunday by France. It also included freight carrying trucks through the tunnel from the port of Dover on the south coast of England or English Channel. The officials of French said that a common doctrine will get found as a result of the pause for dealing with the new-found threat.

Tweet on Sunday night also came from the Port of Dover that there is the closing of the ferry terminal for all the traffic accompanying leaving the U.K. until further notice as France is under border restrictions. There is also halting of Eurostar passenger trains from Amsterdam, London to Paris, and Brussels.  Germany also barred landing of flights coming from Britain on Sunday with Denmark also suspending the same for 48 hours.

Opinions of the British Government

COBRA, the crisis committee of the government will get presided by Prime Minister Johnson on Monday as result of the measures from the other nations. It is a time of huge economic uncertainty for the U.K. as there is less than two weeks for leaving the economic structures of the EU, December 31, with a deadlock on the talks regarding relationship about a new post-Brexit trade. It was on Saturday when Johnson said that London and Southern England in recent weeks is drive by spreading of a new infections rapidly which is seventy per cent more transmissible than the existing strains and it is a very moving new variant of the virus. However, he also said that evidence is not found still that suggests whether the virus is lethal or causes more severe illness or if vaccines will prove to be less effective against the same.

Matt Hancock, British Health Secretary on Sunday said that the new variant is out of control which is a very alarming cause. Further confirmed cases were recorded by the U.K. which is double in number as found from that of a week ago. A patient infected with the new virus strain also got detected in Italy. The ministry also said that it was only in the last few days that the patient and his partner flow back to Italy from the U.K.

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