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New Years, New Restrictions: Guidelines To 2021 between A Pandemic

New years and large gatherings go hand in hand but it is not something we can afford during a Global Pandemic

2020 has a come to a close but like many of us were hoping the pandemic unfortunately has not come to a close with the year. In many places around the world, new strains of the virus showing up have forced many governments to opt for complete or partial lockdowns. India is not different. Many states and cities issued new guidelines that will come to effect on New Years eve.

Here’s a look at the new guidelines that have been issued in your region.

Delhi New Years Guidelines

In the Nation’s capital, night curfew has been declared from 11 pm and 6 am. “No New Years celebratory events, congregations and gatherings at public places shall be permitted from 11 pm of December 31 to 6 am of January 1 and 11 pm of January 1 and 6 am of January 2,” the DDMA (Disaster Management Authority) has declared. There will be no restrictions on traffic movement. 


The Mumbai Police have been in overdrive this year. The city has announced a similar 11-6 lockdown however there won’t be restrictions on visiting family and friends in a group smaller than 4. To make sure social distancing and mask mandate is maintained the Mumbai Police have also announced to use drones in order to keep watch.


In the city of Bangalore a curfew will be imposed as early as noon today. Prohibitory orders banning large gatherings, pubs or celebrations from noon onwards have been passed by the City Police Commissioner 


Chennai , too, has barred large gatherings, especially on beaches and roads. The hugely popular Marina beach, Elliot’s beach and other beaches have been shut. Hotels and bars will have to shut by 10 pm. Hotels have been asked to verify credentials of visitors. Puducherry has permitted celebration on beaches with regular rules.

Bengal and Chandigarh 

The state of Bengal has opted not to impose a curfew. Saying extremes like Lockdowns are not necessary.  The state has advised everyone to celebrate in a responsible manner in accordance with existing Covid Protocols. Chadigarh also has opted for an eased approach considering the declining rate of positive cases in the state 

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