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Nilay Chakrapani: Not Just Another Success Story!

If you can identify with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision, you will definitely feel strongly for his belief conveyed in his recent quote that said – “No task is impossible; no path is difficult; if our resolution is strong. We have to be dedicated to making ourselves self-reliant. This magnificent building of self-reliant India will stand on five pillars, namely economy, infrastructure, technology, demography, and demand”. 

The five founding pillars for the growth of the Indian economy are what keeps the new generation entrepreneur, Nilay Chakrapani, going. His contribution towards making India aatmanirbhar (self-reliant) is rather significant (self-reliant). 

Digital entrepreneur by profession and generous by passion, Nilay has always wanted to give back to society. On a typical day of work, he will be mainly seen interacting with brands, offering them digital growth solutions and strategies while ensuring a particular brand is promoted well. On the other hand, training and educating the youth to be great as professionals are among his many ways to educate society. 

He feels that his success is credited mainly to many books he has read about the famous entrepreneurs and influencers who are iconic figures today. 

His is a good story of success and hard work. He started striving right from college and didn’t stop until he started a company under his name. One would often be amazed to think of a successful technopreneur who started his journey with Rs. 72 in his bank account. These are the kinds of stories the youth of our country need to take inspiration from to enjoy some self-belief. 

Trials and tribulations of life are God’s way of understanding how strong we are as individuals. Nilay was preparing for the IIT-JEE exams when the occurrence of a tragic accident shook his whole world, and he was numb to the point that he didn’t know how to resume the average pace of life. Time healed him, and he joined the Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT) for a B. Tech degree immediately after recovery. He even managed to find a job simultaneously so he could sustain through college comfortably. He would spend a lot of time reading books and blogs to expand his existing skill set and learn more about practical business ideas. 

Since he has always seen significant growth in the digital marketing industry, he was always motivated to polish his basics and contribute his bits in the digital space. The digital industry is valued at around $340 billion today, and when Nilay started, no one saw it coming to be known as such a dynamic trend in marketing and business. 

Nilay could see it as a potential industry beforehand, backed by his prior research and reading of the market. He constantly strived to get out there and connect with influencers and experienced professionals who know quite a bit about social media marketing and the digital space. That was enough help for Nilay to develop his digital enterprise. He strongly condemned the practice of treating small brands with little to no respect as they wouldn’t be high-paying, but he couldn’t do much since he was working for someone. IGTech Casinos for Australian Players He decided to make the big move and started his digital enterprise, which treated all its brands whatsoever with equal respect. 

After making his mark in the digital space, he diversified into the ecommerce industry, particularly into dropshipping. 

In 2015, no one could insinuate the relevance of dropshipping in the e-commerce industry years from then. One couldn’t even find much content on the internet about scaling a dropshipping business; Nilay actually had to self-mentor himself into pursuing the dropshipping business while figuring out the correct strategies to do it. 

He tried many of his expert marketing and sales strategies to check what works best for this business. To give it a kickstart, he even invested over Rs. 1.8 lakh in the business, which only resulted in profits. Who could believe that Nilay is the person behind a million-dollar worth business who at some point struggled to deal with life with just Rs. 72 in his bank account. 

Success knocked on his door soon after he dedicated himself entirely to the business, directing all his energy into building a dependable dropshipping enterprise. His first ecommerce sale rolled in, and his contentment knew no bounds! As the ecommerce business progressed, he expanded to the USA, Canada, Australia, and the UK markets. 

Indian market caught his attention in November 2018 when he was confident about the overseas market. He realized it was about time for the Indian ecommerce industry to grow as well. He clocked more than Rs. 30 crores in sales and felt that the current market trend has a vast scope. 

Today he works closely with aggregators trying to solve issues plaguing the Indian ecommerce market. He trains the aspiring youth to don’t meet the same challenges as he has had to. 

His primary focus is on contributing as much as he can to make India a global business leader. He understands the ecommerce market situation, and that’s why he insists on introducing it as a potential business area in India so our country can enjoy the status of a technologically-enabled economy. 

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