Noragami Season 3 is right here with new twits


Noragami the most famous anime series is back with a new season. The series such a awesome storyline and casting. After the fans finished the season 2 of the series they are now waiting for the new season. Soon we are going to get the series.


There was a long gap in after we finished the season 2 and within these period of time we had no idea when we are going to get the another season. But now we have got a good news that we are going to get the new season of Noragami very soon. This news alone has spread excitement among the fans.

In the anime series of Noragami there is a school going girl. The whole story revolves around her only. The name of the girl is Hiyori Iki, SHe meet an accident when she trying to save a stranger, from that point of time her life totally changed in such a manner which she never imagined.


At the time of accident something happens with her soul and slip out of her body and jump between two parallel worlds. There are two places there in that world one is Near Shore and another one is Far Shore. Near Shore is the one where the normal people lives and on the other hand Far Shore is the place where where demons and human souls linger.

Later on Hiyori meets Yato, who is considered as a god who has no name. They become very good friend and their bonding becomes so strong. All of them starts adventures together and try to find out some unknown things of the world.

Noragami Release date


So, we are waiting to get the new season of Noragami but we need to wait for a while because as of now we do not have any official information on this note. The makers have not declared the release date so far. But it will be released very soon.

The series is going to be lit. I am just waiting for the release date and are you?

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