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Noragami is a anime series. It is one of the most famous anime series of all time. The fans of the series are eagerly waiting for the season 3. In the last season there were lot of questions in their mind and we expect that this time we will the answer of all our queries. It has been 5 years since the fans are in the hope of getting the new season.

So, we are here to give the good news. Your favorite anime series Noragami is back with a new season. The series is full of action, comedy, fantasya and some supernatural things. This is a full package of enjoyment. The word Noragami has a meaning which is “Stray God”. The word sounds so strange and surreal, yes it is Surreal but in a positive manner.


What would be in Noragami Season 3?

The fans of the series are so curious to know the latest things about this series. The series started in the year of 2010 and from that time the anime series has received so much love and appreciation from the audience.  The season 2 was released in the year of 2015 and since then the fans of the series are very calmly waiting to get season 3.

After 5 year we are again going to have Noragami. Isn’t it so good? 


The pandemic situation has changed the scene abit for the production team. They are not able to do their work on proper time as this pandemic is a big issue for all of us. We can not take chance in terms of safety. So we will have to wait so that the makers will give us some confirm information.

The producers of the Anime series Noragami have not given any official announcement on release date. But you no need to wait for so long very soon you will get the information regarding the release date of the series. All fans are speculating that the season 3 of the series will be released in the mid of 2021. 

As we know that there was long gap between season 2 and season 3, so this time we can not anything concur but do not worry fans before 2021 ends you will get to watch the series. Till now the team has not given any information on the trailer release as well. They might release the trailer at the early 2021.

In the new season we will be watching some interesting things. The relationship between God and Humans will give new twist and turns to this series, no doubt this series is going to be full of excitement. In the third season Yato will play a vital role, most of the scenes this time revolves around Yato only. Along with that we will see some new things about Yato’s father. The secret will be revealed that who use to kiss  Hiyori randomly. 


Yato this time says that he wants be the god, In the last seasons this desire of him was not very much clear. But this time he will definitely do some effort to be the god of everyone. He wants that thousand people will come and worship him, he wants to be that powerful. On the other hand Bishamon  has a very good scene, Bishamon shows some positive views and he decides to forgive Yato for killing his first family. 

Nora will be back in the season. Nora is here just to take the revenge. For Yato this is going to be very difficult because he is not aware of this thing that Nora is back. We will see how Yato will manage all the situation and control Nora. This is what we know about the plot of the new season. To get more details about the series Noragami stay here with us.

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