Nt Learners Licence Rules

In Western Australia, you must be at least 16 years old to get your apprenticeship licence and then drive 50 hours with a supervisor to take your provisional driver`s licence. You must provide documents proving your identity and NT residency in an NT motor vehicle registration (MVR), pass an eye test, and pass a multiple-choice theory test on traffic rules in the area. Can I tow a trailer, caravan or boat on my L or P? If your licence or licence was issued in South Australia, you can drive a vehicle of up to 4.5 tonnes and tow a trailer, caravan, boat or carriage, as SA does not prevent learner`s licence or drivers with a provisional licence from towing these vehicles. A small fee is payable to enroll in the program, but there are over $600 in grants for driver`s licences and access to theory and road safety courses. Once you are 16, you can apply for an apprenticeship licence in Queensland. You must pass the knowledge test and be medically fit to drive for your application to be accepted. Once you have your light licence, you will need to register with a supervisor (who has an open licence) for at least 100 hours and be 17 years old before applying for your provisional licence. How much does my license cost? Government fees that apply to your license can be found here. 1. Australian Government. Application for a driver`s licence. Retrieved March 2017.

Can I use a Bluetooth speaker while driving? Learning permit and provisional (P1) permit holders are not allowed to use a mobile phone feature while driving. Check here the traffic rules that apply to the use of a mobile phone. A license defines the need to obtain recognition/certification and registration in order to carry out a particular business activity. After 12 months, you can drive a manual vehicle yourself, but only after removing the automatic vehicle condition from your driver`s license. In South Africa, you must be 16 years old to apply for your Leaner driving licence and record at least 75 hours of supervised driving before proceeding to your preliminary examination. Of those 75 hours, at least 15 must be at night, so from an early age you get used to driving in all conditions. More information on obtaining a driving licence in the Northern Territory can be found here In most cases, your license/license requirements will travel with you if you drive between states, but be aware that some rules may differ. To obtain your NT apprenticeship license, you must be at least 16 years old.

You are not allowed to book or attempt a road test until you have held your learner`s driving licence for 6 months immediately prior to booking. During these first 6 months, you will be encouraged to gain as much supervised driving experience as possible. If you allow your student licence to expire, you will need to reapply for a learner`s licence by passing the required knowledge test and passing the MOST or METAL Basic Course for Class R. Fees apply for each subscriber licence issued. An interruption of the 6-month uninterrupted period of the apprenticeship licence due to the suspension, disqualification or expiry of the learner`s licence will result in the restart of the 6 consecutive months required to book a practical test and switch to a provisional licence. To upgrade to your P1 driving licence, you must complete the 75 hours of recorded driving and pass a hazard perception test. 2. ACT Government. Purchase your apprenticeship license. Retrieved March 2017. Drivers under the age of 21 in Victoria (VIC) hold their provisional driver`s license longer than any other state, for a total of 4 years. If you are in VIC, you must follow these rules: you must then hold your L1 driving licence continuously for at least three months before taking a road test and obtaining your L2 driving licence in Tasmania.

For persons under 25 years of age, a two-year provisional licence term applies, for persons over 25 years of age, a one-year provisional licence period. Getting a driver`s license is an important step for many people to become independent, but what is the fastest way to get one? The sooner you can get a license, the better. You may have a long way to go to get to work, school, or exercise early in the morning. To obtain a full license, you must be at least 18 years and six months old. You will need a driver`s license if you intend to drive a motor vehicle. To obtain your driver`s licence, you must first obtain a learner`s licence before obtaining a provisional and then open driver`s licence. New South Wales (NSW) regulations are quite restrictive, particularly the rules for red (P1) and green P plates (P2). If you`re in New South Wales, you need to follow these rules: in Victoria, you must be 16 to apply for your driving theory test and get your learner`s licence. If you are successful, you must complete 120 hours of supervised driving (including 10 hours at night) and be 18 years old before upgrading to your driver`s licence. P. Do I need a driver`s licence to drive a manual or automatic car? A driving licence issued in South Australia applies to both automatic and manual vehicles, regardless of the type of vehicle in which you passed your test.

You can legally drive both. To help you understand how they differ, we`ve put together a guide with rules and regulations for each state and territory. Refresh yourself before your next test or interstate trip. If you have passed your driving test in an automatic transmission car, you will not be able to drive a manual transmission for the first 12 months of your provisional driving licence (unless you are supervised by a full licence holder). On your N2 driver`s licence, you must complete at least 50 hours of supervised (and recorded) driving for at least nine months before upgrading to your provisional driver`s licence. Queensland (QLD) has complex rules when it comes to P1 licensing, particularly when it comes to passenger restrictions. If you are in QLD, you must follow these rules: 6. MyLicence South Australia.

My car driver`s license. Retrieved March 2017. The key to leaving your learner`s license is to be a competent driver, so practice as much as you can, even if it exceeds the required number of hours. What driver`s licence do I need to drive a moped? To drive a moped in South Australia, you must have a current R-date motorcycle licence, a motorcycle licence (R-Date or R) or a driving licence of any kind (eg).