Ohio Legal Name Change Process

You must appear in person before the judge or designated magistrate in the probate court to represent your case regarding the desired name change. The judge/magistrate will ensure that you change your name for legitimate reasons and, once deemed legal, will sign a judgment form, also known as an “order”. Background checks are not required by state law, but some counties will require you to request a BCI background check for themselves in order to request a name change. To request a background check, select an agency from this list of suppliers on the Attorney General`s website. An appointment may be required, otherwise most companies allow walk-in visits. The price of an application for a background check is usually between $30 and $40. Have the background check sent to the district probate court, where your hearing will take place. (Sample background check application form.) Provide proof of your name change. This could be your marriage certificate or a certified copy of your court-ordered name change. If you have been married in the past, you may also need to bring a certified copy of the divorce or annulment decree. Unfortunately, it`s not the most fun (or easiest) process, which is why a service like HitchSwitch might be worth the extra cost — especially since the company provides its customers with checklists and comprehensive instructions for smaller name change tasks (like updating your social media accounts). 3. A hearing where, after a few questions to make sure you have gone through the procedure, the judge officially orders that your original name be changed to your new name.

Passport name changes cost something different depending on the form you submit: a parent or guardian has the right to change their child`s name for almost any reason, as long as it`s not for illegal purposes. As with an adult name change, the minor must have resided in Ohio (specifically the county in which he or she is applying) for at least one (1) year. When applying for a change of name of a minor, the consent of both living parents must be presented. If a parent is not part of the child`s life, i.e. if he is not present to give his consent, he must be informed of the hearing by registered mail. The acknowledgement signed by registered mail or the green piece of paper must be submitted before the hearing or presented at the hearing to show that the parent has received the notice. There are two ways to update your name on your voter registration card; online or by mail. The process of updating a name change is the same as when you first registered, except that you use your new name. Visit VoteOhio.gov and click “Register to Vote” to update your online registration. You can also download the voter registration and information update form and send it to your district election office. To apply for a name change on your Ohio driver`s license, go to a BMV office with your existing license and proof of your name change (yes, your marriage certificate or court order again).

Here is a list of BMV locations. Ohio law requires you to bring proof of age, which may include a birth certificate, baptismal certificate, passport, driver`s license, or government-issued ID. You will also need to provide personal information such as your address, place of birth, parents` name, occupation, social security number, and the name of your official, if you know this. If one of you has ever been married, you must also bring a certified copy of your divorce or annulment decree. Currently, Ohio (as well as some other states) does not allow people born in the state of Ohio to change their gender mark on their Ohio birth certificate. If you were born in another state, you can change the gender mark on your birth certificate. The process for this is different in each state. In the state of Ohio, you can change your name for almost any reason. Changing your name at the time of your marriage or divorce is relatively easy. You can also change your name (or the name of a minor child) for other reasons by following a different process. Both methods require you to fill out the right paperwork, get a new Social Security card, and change your name on all your accounts.

Follow these steps to get a name change order from probate court: Otherwise, a name change to OH will require a bit of research and patience. We`ve outlined all the important steps for your convenience below, as well as what the whole process costs – because unfortunately, it`s never free. Your official name appears on your birth certificate, driver`s license and other official government documents. You may want to change your legal name to match yours: the judge will ask you to list the reasons for changing the name of your child or minor in your care. If they feel there is sufficient justification for the name change, they will sign the judgment submission form and approve the desired change. 3. The person requesting a change of sex characteristic must complete his or her doctor, psychologist or therapist and have the “Declaration of Sex Reassignment” form signed. (Physicians, psychologists and registered therapists can only sign this form.

To be qualified, the physician must certify that the transition is being made in accordance with the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) Standards of Care guidelines, officially known as the Henry Benjamin Standards of Care. Updating your name on your driver`s license should be a relatively painless process. To update your name, visit your local BMV office in Ohio. Be sure to bring your Ohio driver`s license, Social Security card, and proof of name change (such as a marriage certificate, divorce decree, or court order). For a regular driver`s license name change, the cost is $24.50 (most payment methods are accepted). The cost of getting a marriage license in Ohio varies from county to county, says Jake Wolff, our name change expert and founder of HitchSwitch. Expect your costs to drop between $42 and $73. Once you`ve married and received your marriage license (or a certified court order), the next step in a legal name change in Ohio is to notify the Social Security Administration. “Once you get your new Social Security card, you can change your name on your passport, driver`s license, and other ID cards,” Wolff says. If the court schedules a hearing, you must attend to continue the name change process. The hearing may be held in person or remotely by telephone or videoconference.

Make sure you bring or have available: For a new wife to take her husband`s surname, it is sufficient that the new name is included in the marriage certificate. Once it is signed and presented to the probate court of the county where the marriage took place, it becomes the official marriage certificate and the woman can start using her new name.

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