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Old Woman of 90 years old became the first woman for taking vaccine against COVID-19

Coronavirus or COVID-19 has hit hard in all countries. Many deaths took place with the sudden growth of the virus with no vaccinations and medicines. Since then, countries and health experts all over the world have been trying to develop a vaccine for the virus. There were many trial phases going in all over the world and finally it seems that one of the countries is successful in developing a vaccine after going through all the trials and struggles. It is definitely a landmark moment wherein the United States is the first nation of the world that has begun vaccinations for its citizens with a fully authorized and vetted shot of COVID-19.

First Person in the World to receive

The biggest-ever vaccine campaign in the history got kick started in the United Kingdom on Tuesday, December 8.  The first person in the world to receive the Pfizer/ BioNTech jab against COVID-19 is a 90 year old grandmother, Margaret Keenan. It is an early birthday present for the old grandmother who is turning 91 years old in the next week. Nurse May Parsons gave the life-saving jab at 6:31 am GMT early riser, Maggie at her local hospital in Coventry. The day is dubbed as a landmark moment in the fight against the deadly virus by the National Health Service (NHS) on V-Day or Vaccine Day.

Maggie said that she feel privileged to be the first person vaccinated against the COVID-19. She also said that it is the best early birthday present she could wish for as it means she could finally spend time with her friends and family in the New Year after being on her own for most of the year year. She also thanked May and all the staffs of NHS for looking after her tremendously and also offered her advice to everyone for taking the vaccine, which is getting the chances to do so.  She said everyone can have the vaccine if she is getting at the age of 90. Maggie is also glad that she is able to play a part in such a historic day.

More in line for Vaccine

Maggie is the first one to receive the vaccine against the Coronavirus. However, there are more persons in line to do the same. The first jab of vaccines will get receive in this week by those people who are over eighty years and the NHS workers as they are at the highest risks of contacting the virus. UK’s Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation set out the criteria for the persons receiving the vaccine. One other person who will get the vaccine is a British Indian grandfather of 87-years-old, Hari Shukla. He will get his first dose in a Newcastle’s Hospital.

Dr Shukla who is also a race relations campaigner said that he is so pleased and hopefully coming towards the pandemic’s end. He also said that he is delighted for his doing his part by getting the vaccine. He feels it is his duty to whatever he can and do so.

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