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Osmosis Season 2: Everything to know from Renewal Status to Plotline

Osmosis Season 2

It can prove to be very lethal, fatal, and disturbing when love and technology get mixed with each other. Osmosis is one such TV series from France which tries to explore the combination. But, Osmosis Season 2 does not have much hopeful news. Audrey Fouche is the creator of the mind-bending French drama in which the executive producers are Claude Chelli and Aude Albano.

It is not the only show or series wherein lens of science and human relationships gets explored. There are examples of many such series or shows. The mind of the creators is also going towards the direction of science and technology with its growth, development and reliance by humankind. Now, let’s get to know if ever the technology love series is going to come back for another season or saw its end.

Renewal Status and Release Date: Osmosis Season 2

Initially home to the network of Netflix streaming service and being as one of its original series, Osmosis made its debut way back in the Match of 2010. The much lovable French drama released only one season with eight episodes. Ever since, fans were expecting and waiting ardently for another season to come soon. But, it is rather very disappointing information that the show could not make its way for another season and saw its end. Hence, there is also no release date or trailer with no revival of the show.

Cancellation: Osmosis Season 2

News from the giant streaming platform came for the cancellation of Osmosis on January 17, 2020, after one season. The return of a show on Netflix depends upon its popularity and viewership. However, the French show failed to capture the attention of the audience which led to its cancellation along with also not many promotions took place for the show. There were harsher reviews faced by the series, particularly from France critics. Not only this French series but two more also other French show got cancelled on the same day.

Cancellation: Osmosis Season 2

If Osmosis would have returned for season two, then it would have definitely included the main cast from season one. It included Hugo Becker, Yuming Hey, Agathe Bonitzer, Manoel Dupont, Stephane Pitti, Luna Silva, Gel Kamilindi, and Suzanne Rault-Balet in the main leading role. There were also occurrences of other recurring casts. Unfortunately, no one is going to be seen again in the same show as no revival took place, but rather got cancelled.

Plotline: Osmosis Season 2

The Osmosis is a science fiction series which took place in Paris at a near-future. It features the development of a new dating app, Osmosis that can find hundred per cent accuracy true match by digging deep into the brain data of the user and decoding true love. However, the risk and price for it is immense with the decision as whom to love through the use of algorithm. Everything can go wrong with technology knowing the deepest truths and secrets of humanity. Season two would have also followed the same plotline from season one if the show would have got renewed for another season.

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