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Overlord Season 4: Something new is right here


Overlord is a all time favourite anime series. The fan following of anime series are growing so fast these days. People enjoy these type of series a lot. And that is one reason overlord is so famous all over the world.

The Japanese anime series overload is back with new twists and turns. Soon we are going to watch 4th season the series on our screens. Here we will give you each and every information regarding the series.


Overlord Season 4 Release Date

The last 3 seasons of the series Overlord was really very nice. The fans enjoyed the series a lot and now they all are asking about the another season of the series. So, fans here is a good news for you the makers have started working on the series and soon they are going to release the series.

Due to this pandemic there is a bit delay but sure we are going to enjoy a lot. The makers have not announced the release date of the series because they are still working on the series. So, they can not say surely how long it will take to complete it but we can assume that by the end of 2021 we will get to watch the series.


In the last two seasons of Overlord we saw the 10th and 12th volume of the Japanese book, so this time in the fourth season of overlord will be based on the Novel 11th and 12th sections where the story starts at the end of season three and also makes Ainz character stronger. So, which means Aniz is going to be more interesting.

In the whole the story revolves around Ainz, it shows how Ainz get the strengths and all the power of the Sorcerer Kingdom? This time it is going to be more interesting as the makers are going to reveal so many dark secrets. Fans do not forget to watch the series. It is going to be fire.


As of now we can not say that there is any type of casting change because the makers have not announced anything yet. Some casts are –

Maranello Fiora — Voiced by YumaUchiyama
Shalltear Bloodfallon — Voiced By SumireUesaka
Ainz Ooal Gown — Voiced by Chris Gerrero
Albedo — Voice By Yumi Hara
Demiurge — Voiced by Masayuki Kato

To get more details about the series do watch it. It will hit your screen very soon. Till then stay tuned with us.

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