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Overlord Season 4: Are We Getting Another Season?

Overlord Season 4

Fans are eagerly waiting for Overlord Season 4 to hit the screens. The anime series first premiered in 2015 and has entertained us with three seasons and now we all are waiting for the fourth. But is it on the cards?

Overlord Season 4: Is Another Season On The Cards?

Overlord Season 4

The manga anime series has earned a warm response from the audience as well as the critics. We all have been waiting for Overlord Season 4 after the premiere of its third season in 2018.

But unfortunately as of now, the makers have not uttered anything about the renewal of the series. And we don’t know if it is actually on the cards. Although some sources speculate that the makers were in talks to make a fourth season of the series but had to delay their plan for the time being due to the pandemic outbreak.

Thus we can actually agree to this because the ending of the third series was not satisfying. Therefore Overlord Season 4 is much needed.

So let us be optimistic and wait for the makers to officially renew the series because the fans want it. And most importantly the story demands it.

Overlord Season 4: Plot

The reason this manga series received massive appreciation and fan following is because of its phenomenal storyline. So the story is all about Momoga who finds himself trapped inside a videogame.

Overlord Season 4

Momoga was all engrossed in his game when he suddenly realized that he has actually entered the virtual world of the video game. And that too not in his real form. He found himself all alone inside the virtual world in his game avatar ‘Overlord.

Finding no way out from the unknown world he starts getting familiar inside the strange world. In the third season, we saw how Momoga aka Overlord started to rule over the umpire. The empire is known as the Sorcerer Kingdom and he emerging as the ruler of it. So in Overlord Season 4, it will be interesting to see if Overlord will expand his kingdom further.

Overlord Season 4

Apart from that, we will finally know if Albedo actually likes Momoa. The upcoming season is expected to have many twist and turns. So if we ever get Overlord Season 4 we can finally expect Momoga to find a way to return to the real world.

But is that ever going to happen? Will he be trapped forever as the Overlord? The upcoming season will reveal it all.

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