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Ozark Season 4: Release Date, Plot And Other Updates


Ozark Season 4 is highly awaited. The series was first released on July 21, 2017, and the third season was dropped on March 27, 2020. And now we are waiting for the fourth season.

Ozark Season 4: Release Date

Ozark Season 4

As mentioned earlier the third season of the Netflix series was released in March 2020. And the series was renewed for another season. We all have been waiting anxiously for Ozark Season 4. But by when can we expect it?

We know that even if the series was renewed way back the production could not kickstart due to the pandemic shutdowns. Thus it delayed the release date of the upcoming season. The filming was delayed for quite a long time.

Ozark Season 4

But fortunately, Ozark Season 4 begin its filing from November 9, 2020. And it is going on without any further delays. Because the makers have revealed that the upcoming season will be the season finale of the series and therefore it has been carefully planned. Ozark Season 4 will be shot in almost 40 different locations.

Therefore we can expect the shooting to be time-consuming. Another development in the release of the upcoming season is that it will have 14 episodes and will be divided into two parks. So we can expect the first part of Ozark Season 4 to air somewhere between mid to late 2021.

Ozark Season 4: Plot

Ozark centres around financial adviser Marty Byrde who gets into big trouble when a money-laundering scheme goes wrong. He ends up owing a huge debt to a Mexican drug dealer and ends up putting his family’s life in danger.

The series is all about Marty and his wife Wendy trying their best to protect themselves and their children from the drug lord. Throughout the previous seasons, we saw how they were completely under the clutches of the mafia lord Navarro and Marty was trying his best to pay off the debt.

Ozark Season 4

In the previous season, we saw that lawyer Helen Pierce was murdered by the antagonist near Marty and his wife. It left them in shock because they were invited to attend a social event but they had to witness a murder instead.

It also gave a warning sign to Marty that even he fails to pay the debt and his family members would be in trouble. So in the upcoming season, it will be interesting to watch on how Marty will deliver the cartel. We will also get the answers to whether Marty will succeed to protect his family. 

The season finally will surely clear all our doubts. We just hope that the series ends on a positive note.

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