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“Ozark” Season 4: Release Date, Plot And Other Updates


“Ozark” is one of the most popular Netflix that has totally bewitched the audience as well as the critics. The crime thriller series made its debut in 2017 and has entertained us with three thrilling seasons. Now we are anticipating the fourth season.

“Ozark” Season 4: Release Date


After the tremendous success of the previous season, Netflix renewed the series for another season in June 2020. This news came as a sigh of relief for all the “Ozark” fans out there.

But with that, the OTT platform also shared bad news and that is, the fourth season will be the season finale of the series. This has certainly upset many fans out there.


As of now, there are not many updates on the release date of the series because the filming has not begun yet. But as per the hints given by some close sources, early 2022 seem to be possible time to release the fourth season of the series. In the official statement, Netflix has also confirmed that the upcoming season will have 14 episodes.

Thus it will be a perfect end to this amazing series. For now, let us wait for the shooting to officially began so that we can confirm a release date for the season finale of our favourite series.

“Ozark” Season 4: Plot

Marty Byrde gets into big trouble as he gets involved in a money-laundering scheme associated with a deadly criminal i.e Mexican drug lord Navarro.


Byrde also gets his family involved in this deadly deal and ends up putting their lives in danger. The series is all about Marty and his wife Wendy trying their best to protect themselves and their children from the drug lord. Throughout the previous seasons, we saw how they were completely under the clutches of the mafia lord Navarro and Marty was trying his best to pay off the debt.

So in the season finale, we will finally see if the Byredes will succeed to pay off their debt and save their family or will they lose their lives. In other words the upcoming season we will witness a lot of thrill and revelations.

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