Pandemic Changes the life of Indians

Pandemic Changes the scenario of India

Covid-19 Pandemic has changed our lives, we use to be very happy and busy in our works but after this pandemic we all are living a different life. A survey done by consultancy firm EY which says that there is a highest drop in work, social, household travels due to Covid-19 pandemic.

Pandemic Changes the scenario of India

The lockdown imposed in the month of march and from that time the whole scene has changed. The economic condition has become very bad, Gross Domestic Product is not very impressive and due to this reason the cost of products in market is raised and the normal people who are in the middle class and who are in the below poverty line they are facing problem.

Pandemic Changes the scenario of India

“Amid this health crisis, the consumer is heavily conflicted over mobility; not having to commute to work has given many a new sense of autonomy as well as a few hours of their time back every day,” EY said in a statement.

The survey says that there is drop in terms of work travel which is around 69 %, social travel has goes down around 59% and lastly the household travel has declined by 58%.

Pandemic Changes the scenario of India

The country is really going through such a hard time. The survey also reflects that there is a decline in weekly travel time which is around 40% only which means every single person travels only 6 to 3.7 hours in a week.

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