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We use data science to gather answers to these questions and create a “ReviewSolicitors score” of 100. The display score in the chart above is a simple percentage representation of the average score of those who reviewed this law firm. The examiner can choose Yes or No. Thank you, Tony. What a great review. We are happy that you are satisfied and appreciate your habit and recommendations very much. There`s really no better compliment than that. We look forward to working with you again in the future. We will surely pass on your praise to Jason and the team. Greetings. As part of our evaluation questionnaire, we ask the following question: The data presented above is based on client reviews and comments collected by ReviewSolicitors over the past 12 months. If you would like to learn more about how we work with our review data, please see our Transparency section. This score was calculated based on the last 300 reviews left by Patterson Law Limited clients on ReviewSolicitors.

As part of our evaluation questionnaire, we ask auditors questions about the value for money they have achieved through the use of the ABC Act. These questions include: This review was left by a verified client who used Patterson Law Limited Lawyers named in this review: Dominic SmithClare Elizabeth Hudson The figure of 3436 included all clients (appearing at the time of the announcement) who were at risk of disqualification under the Magistrates` Association`s sentencing guidelines and Schedule 2 of the Traffic Offenders Act 1988. I was sued for driving without insurance for nine months. This was entirely due to an error by my insurance company, which did not receive an annual renewal payment and then cancelled my policy without contacting me to notify me. The reason was apparently Covid!! The staff worked from home, I can only assume they could contact me without access to email, SMS or phone. The insurer then had the nerve to tell me that its customer service manager was not talking to customers!!! It was on my company car, but as a driver, I was held responsible and the police decided to pursue me. Due to the long period of not having insurance, I was told that I would probably get at least 8 points! I called Patterson Law because I needed advice on how to dispute this, as I believe the infringement was caused solely by my insurers who did not take my payment. I spoke to Jason Rosser, who advised me to complain to the insurance ombudsman about insurers, which I did. Unfortunately, the ombudsman tended to believe insurers that they were constantly changing stories about how they texted me and tried to contact me (they had already texted me apologizing for not texting or emailing). I decided to go to court to explain how the insurers had caused my problem.

Excellent advice and an eloquent Patterson lawyer quickly led the judges to agree with us that the crime was the result of my total deception on the part of my insurers. Result no point on the license. Recommendations Don`t trust your insurers to do things right, check everything. Use Patterson`s Law and skip the Ombudsman Everyone I`ve worked with, especially Rick and Tina, has been amazing! They worked so hard and were very diligent and professional. I highly recommend it. The accident was not a pleasant experience, but having him by my side was. The above score is a simple percentage representation of the total number of clients who chose the “yes” option: from the day of contact to the day of court, almost 10 months later, we received support and advice and an excellent lawyer who represented us, we had a result that would not have happened without their help, I highly recommend Patterson Law. Your previous advice has also brought us a happy result. An individual plaintiff challenged the action on the grounds that the duration of a driving ban was left to the discretion of the court and could not be known in advance. No details of the complainant`s identity have been released. Karen gave free advice on my situation with speeding tickets, I absolutely recommend it. I spoke to Karen Parsons who gave me great advice on a highway awareness course I wasn`t familiar with.

I attached a note to my letter confirming that I was the driver who had asked about the availability of a traffic awareness course. I was told today that I could do it. Thank you very much, which I will definitely recommend. Karen Parsons was fabulous and very kind with her handling of my request for advice. I was treated very professionally and received honest and helpful advice with their free service and I can`t thank the company or Karen enough. We will have the Patterson Law number handy in case we are unlucky enough to need legal advice and help again. Patterson Law said the statistics only included cases where the guidelines suggested judges would consider disqualifying the driver. Patterson Law told the ASA that there was a strict policy of collecting data on the traffic incidents they represented, with each client assigned a case progress officer who forwarded the final result to the manager who uploaded the statistics. If you are looking for a lawyer for accidents of any size, look no further! The people at Patterson Law Group are amazing, friendly, persistent and will work your best.

You can use this data to see how Patterson Law Limited compares to the national average of clients who are satisfied with the outcome of their case after hiring a lawyer. For my opinion, they have the best lawyer in the UKTHEY won my case I was disqualified for 6 months 12 points now my driving license is clearI will suggest using them with the conferenceAdrian Katanolli Patterson Law Group was there to help me every step of the way. They work with me as a team and in a very professional way. It was a real blessing. I highly recommend this company if you have been in a car accident. My case was handled very professionally and the result was excellent. They do everything for you and answer questions promptly. When Mom and I had an accident, they helped us not beg until the end. They kept us informed throughout the process. I highly recommend them. She said it is “clearly important” that when the firm takes on a case, an appropriate assessment is made of the prospects of achieving the client`s expectations from the outset.

I filled out a form and asked for advice. I received a call from Ellen within hours, she was very helpful and I will definitely follow her call, the case hasn`t started yet, but I`m confident I`ve chosen a good company to help me x “We think this is useful information when a potential customer decides whether to give instructions or not, And it also helps us monitor the quality of our initial review. We would much prefer that a client not educate when the chances of achieving the desired result are minimal. We don`t like it when people waste money where they have little chance of success. We are UK car lawyers and handle between 5,000 and 6,000 traffic offences in England and Wales each year. We believe we are the largest road defence law firm in England and Wales. We answer your questions about traffic offences free of charge. Please click on the “Request Callback” function on the right side. Learn more. The lady was very professional but didn`t do much to make me believe they could help my situation, so I chose another lawyer. I was stopped by the police without an insured car. My case went hand to hand, after 1 year my case with Ryan Butler from Patterson had Law.No insult to others, but he was the only one who helped me to the end and advised me on how to represent me in court.

With his help, I won the case. I think it is very important to know who is investigating the case. Hannah Penny was very responsive, informative and reassuring. Thank you, Hannah The ASA agreed that it can be determined whether a driving ban is significantly shorter than what is normally imposed for a particular traffic violation. It`s great to work with Amy Juarez. She explained everything in detail and made the process a better learning experience. She helped me so much with my car accident and kept me updated throughout the process until it was all over. If you need a lawyer, these are your guys. They will fight for you 💪 very useful and useful call. Many thanks to Karen Parsons. Patterson Law Group has some of the most extraordinary lawyers at the Metroplex. They helped me solve two assault cases where I could never have maneuvered alone.

Rick Dempsey and Tina Joslin handled my cases and I am eternally grateful for this extremely friendly, honest and caring experience. Although accidents have changed my life, I wouldn`t change using such a phenomenal team for excellent care and advice. Thank you Patterson Team!. The Advertising Standards Authority today rejected any suggestion that Devonian firm Patterson Law misled the public with allegations that could not be substantiated. I had a great experience with Patterson Law from start to finish. Began with unbiased advice suggesting that there was a reasonable chance of reducing the sentence. I accepted that and they took over the liaison with the courts, including scheduling the hearing.

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