Rift Over Snow Shoveling In Pennsylvania Leaves 3 Dead


In a bizarre incident in Pennsylvania a fight over snow shoveling between neighbors claims the lives of three.

Three Dead In Pennsylvania Over Petty Argument


This incident took place in Plains Township of Pennsylvania where three people from the same neighbourhood were found dead on Monday.

As per sources, the deceased were neighbours who got into an argument over snow shovelling. The heated argument took a violent turn when one of the neighbours got a gun from his place and fired it.


The deceased were identified as James Goy and his wife Lisa Joy and their neighbour James Spaide. The police officials found the bodies of the couple lying on the street whereas Spaide’s body was found at his house.

What Exactly Happened?

Well as per the statements from the other people residing in the same locality, the relations between Goys and Spaide was sour since time immemorial.

On that fateful that the Goys were actually shovelling the snow from the parking area. And apparently, they were throwing the snow into Spaide’s property premise. This led into a heated argument between the couple and Spaide.


As per some witnesses, James Goy first attacked Spaide by throwing the shovel at him. That is what angered Spaide and thus he brought a handgun and shot the couple.

After that even he was found dead at his residence and as per the officials, Spaide actually shot himself after killing the Goys.

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