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“PerfectIt searches for documents like a professional legal secretary and finds issues with technical punctuation and legal style.” PerfectIt is an MS Word add-in that detects consistency errors in documents and can be programmed to check house styles. PerfectIt is used by thousands of professional writers around the world, as well as Fortune 500 companies and major institutions such as the OECD and the European Space Agency. PerfectIt also organizes basic legal language exams. For example, Bryan Garner, Ken Adams, the attorney general, and many other lawyers have urged people to stop using “including but not limited to.” PerfectIt underscores this. But he also acknowledges that some lawyers prefer this language. It includes a note to remind authors to be consistent if they decide to continue using it. The same applies to “according to”. “For technical legal processing, we found American Legal Style incredible for PerfectIt. He took care of all the technical punctuation and legal style issues that would get an editor for law journals excited about,” said Nick Critelli, one of the few practicing American lawyers to qualify as a barrister at the Bar of England and Wales. LONDON AND CHICAGO – 23-June-2016. Intelligent Editing, the leading provider of proofreading software, today announced the release of a major American Legal Style update for PerfectIt. This update builds on the law-focused style sheet introduced in October 2015.

The new style sheet contains more than 5,000 additional corrections and now automatically checks footnotes. PerfectIt checks the hyphens in and em. This is an easy thing to forget, but if we follow The Redbook, Butterick on Typography, the Supreme Court Style Manual or other guides, then the rule in legal documents is that dashes should not be compensated by spaces on either side. It`s easy to fix. terms of art are difficult to understand correctly. It`s easy to transpose letters, make hyphen mistakes, or confuse legal words and phrases. Most mistakes simply give the impression that the author is careless, but some mistakes can change the meaning. Lawyers don`t have time to look at Black`s Law Dictionary for every word. PerfectIt helps find and correct the most common errors. Modern legal drafting requires legal documents to be clear, simple and consistent. Major style guides like The Red Book, Elements of Style and Bluebook give us the rules. But they are difficult to implement under tight deadlines.

PerfectIt brings together leading legal writing guides so lawyers and staff can quickly apply the rules, styles, guidelines, and drafting techniques they expect. Welcome to PerfectIt`s Legal Checking. Use PerfectIt when you`re done drawing and have already checked spelling and grammar. It helps you check consistency, add varnish, and make sure your work complies with legal writing and style guidelines. Ivy Grey developed American Legal Style with a smart edition based on the Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation; The Red Book: A Manual On Legal Style by Bryan Garner; Elements of style by Strunk & White; and Black`s Law Dictionary, among others. Using the style guides, the developers selected the most common mistakes and tricky or hard-to-remember rules that have been incorporated into American Legal Style. The creators also worked to anticipate errors and recommend intelligent corrections based on real-world experiences in legal practice and real legal documents. “Designed for legal writing and does a great job of finding inconsistencies in Word`s use, format, and style that are missing from Word`s built-in functionality.” PerfectIt is free to try, so download it from the Office Store or American Legal Style is a style sheet that helps lawyers improve the process of editing and correcting legal documents. With American Legal Style, PerfectIt applies style preferences such as italics, hyphenation, and capitalization to conform to U.S. legal drafting guidelines. It detects consistency errors resulting from joint efforts or the use of standard documents.

And it looks for common errors that may result from autocorrect, spell checking, dictation, or text-reading tools. It makes proofreading faster, easier, and helps ensure that complex legal documents are delivered on time. PerfectIt is an MS Word add-in that detects consistency and proofreading errors in documents. It includes American Legal Style, a style sheet that checks the spelling, capitalization, hyphenation, and italics in legal terms of art based on Black`s Law Dictionary. American Legal Style also discovers errors in case citations based on Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation preferences, and it applies the most widely used style tips from Bryan Garner`s The Red Book: A Manual On Legal Style and Strunk & White`s The Elements of Style. Ivy B. Grey, practicing attorney and author of American Legal Style, has strived to anticipate errors and recommend intelligent corrections based on real-world experience and real-world legal documents. Many of the 5,000 new corrections focus on errors in citations such as misplaced periods, letters transposed into court names, and missing or extra spaces. For example, “E.D.T.X.” is now corrected to “E.D. Tex”. Similarly, false quotes are corrected in insolvency courts as “banker” to “banker”.

In addition, the style sheet looks for accidental repetition of certain legal phrases that are often overlooked when merging multiple documents. It also finds legal typos caused by dictation software and automatic correction, such as “statue” instead of “status.” In addition, embarrassing but common typos are discovered in the names of some of the Supreme Court`s most prolific justices and justices, such as “Justice Scales” instead of “Justice Scalia.” “Lawyers have been using PerfectIt for years and are satisfied with the program. But we thought they would be happier with a more tailored approach. That`s why we worked together to rethink PerfectIt for use in legal documents,” said Daniel Heuman, CEO and founder of Intelligent Editing. Lawyers use words differently. Built-in spelling and grammar checkers don`t detect most legal errors – and they can even introduce errors. PerfectIt can help. To create the PerfectIt legal review, we conducted numerous page-by-page reviews of major legal-style guides and dictionaries and programmed the most common errors. We also used practical experience to anticipate errors and recommend corrections. When you select American Legal Style, you enable all of PerfectIt`s legal review, including the Bluebook, Redbook, Black`s Law Dictionary, and other leading guides.

PerfectIt remembers this standard for all future exams. The defined terms form the factual basis of legal documents and give them practical meaning. And inconsistent capitalization of defined terms can lead to confusion and risk. These errors are difficult to detect in long documents. PerfectIt helps ensure consistency by showing you each instance of each term defined in context and allowing you to decide what is right. As you learn more about PerfectIt, you can even customize it to suit your home style. PerfectIt also checks for the many errors related to the formatting of the blue book. There is a clear preference here. The default ordinal numbering is not used for the second or third in the legal citation.

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