Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine is 95% effective

Pfizer's coronavirus vaccine is 95% effective

Pfizer’s have given such a awesome news for US. It has been around 1 year the world is waiting for the vaccine and fighting with the deadly virus, million people are still surviving on the other hand billion people have lost their lives ust because of this virus. Scientists were working in this and they are trying to discover the vaccine as soona s possible.

We all know that this is not easy at all, it takes years and years to discover one vaccine. And now finally we have received the news that Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine is 95% effective. The vaccine has been sent for the 3rd trial period it was on its third stage.

Pfizer's coronavirus vaccine is 95% effective

Anthony Fauci  who is American physician and immunologist has given a confirmation about the vaccine saying that the degree of efficacy of this vaccine is around 90 to 95 %.

He also says that the distribution of the Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine is not started yet but he said that by the month of December the vaccine distribution will start in US. This is really a good news for the people living out there.

Pfizer's coronavirus vaccine is 95% effective

The whole world has been waiting for this news only that when we get rid of this virus and everyone will be able to live their life without wearing the mask. The company who is working for the development of the vaccine got monetary help from the US administration. The The US administration has given a amount for Pfizer vaccine so that there will be no shortage of money.

The aim of US administration is to cover the whole country, so that no one in the country will suffer from this disease and it is being said that by the end of this year will achieve their goal. Very soon US will be able to get rid of this virus.

Pfizer's coronavirus vaccine is 95% effective

But there is a bad news for India, This vaccine can be used in India, there is a huge reason behind it. The vaccine needs to be stored and transported at a temperature of minus 70 degrees celsius, and in India it is a difficult task. So, for now India is not happy. Let’s see how long it will take to get the vaccine in India.

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