Do casinos help the local economy?

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Casinos are often thought of as a shady business, but they actually provide much-needed jobs and income for local economies. For example, the casino industry has helped create or retain some 600,000 jobs in America alone, generating $7 billion in revenue for state and local governments. While casinos have an economic impact on their communities, they also create problems such as increased crime near casinos. With so many advantages and disadvantages, it's important to understand how your community will be affected by opening a new casino before deciding whether you want one in your city. 

The casino industry creates jobs 

A study conducted by John Beshears of Stanford University and his colleagues found that the American casino industry has created or retained around 600,000 jobs in America alone, generating $7 billion in revenue for state and local governments. The study also found that the list of reliable online casinos minsta Insättning Casino Utan Svensk Licens is responsible for significant job growth in an area. For example, a 5% increase in casino employment would create between 21 and 40 additional permanent jobs.

Casinos attract tourists and increase tourism in the city

Casinos attract tourists and increase tourism in the city. More than 81 million people visited Las Vegas in 2020. Casinos account for almost 40% of all leisure spending in Las Vegas each year, about $9 billion that wouldn't exist without casinos.

Tourists have a variety of activities and gambling that attracts people from all over the world who want to visit a casino at least once in their lives to relax and enjoy what casinos have to offer.

Casinos can be used as entertainment 

Casinos can be used as entertainment for those visiting an area. A study conducted by Paul S. Brewer in 1994, found that 10% of people who went to casinos returned because they enjoyed it, and another 35% of them returned because they wanted to play more games or get their money back. That's a huge increase from the 5% to 20% found in other studies of gaming behaviour. 

The government taxes casino revenues

Casinos pay taxes when they make a profit - the state taxes casino income. In 2020, the average tax on casinos in America was around 30%. This shows that the local economy depends on casinos.

Crime rates will rise near casinos

Crime rates may increase around casinos. The spending habits of locals change when they are in a casino, causing them to steal more money than before to get as much money out of the casino as they can because they will lose it anyway.


Casinos are a boon to the local economy because they bring tourism and jobs to the locals. They also offer entertainment suitable for people who no longer occupy their time. However, casinos may not always be good for the region if crime increases or becomes more attractive to tourists than anything else. One thing is for sure, casinos don't differentiate where they go; no matter what city you are in, there is bound to be a town nearby that will take your money!

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