Pizza Hut Rules for Employees

Giving back to the communities where our team members and clients work and live is at the heart of who we are. As part of this goal, Yum! Brands has set up a matching gift program where they match donations from company employees dollar for dollar to recognized non-profit organizations up to $1,000. In addition, employees of businesses located above the restaurant can take up to two days of paid time off to volunteer for the cause of their choice. Pizza Hut`s maternity leave program (18 weeks, fully paid!) gave me the freedom and peace of mind to enjoy those precious first few months with my son. Now Luke comes to work with me every day and loves his time at the “pizza school” (i.e. on-site daycare). The incredible benefits of Pizza Hut have truly allowed me to have a career I love without sacrificing my calling to be a current mother. Savannah | Legal advice We are more than a great pizza – so much more. In 1958, two brothers borrowed $600 from their mother to open a pizzeria in Wichita, Kansas. Now we have fans all over the world.

Our 100+ franchise partners and 350,000 team members in more than 100 countries are proud of our rich history, loyal customers and exceptional innovation. After all, we delivered the first pizza in space. Join us as we deliver a future full of delicious pizza. The sauce is in our blood! We love celebrations and work hard to recognize the excellence of our teams at every opportunity. There may even be free or discounted pizzas from time to time. Now, more than ever, we play an important role in feeding families across America, and that makes us immensely proud. But you can`t do it without our most important ingredient: you. At Pizza Hut, we reached new heights and set a world record by delivering a pizza to the top of Kilimanjaro. Our pizza ushered in a new wave of online delivery when we were the first national chain to do so. We have done everything, but we have never been as proud as we are now and we have witnessed the kindness and dedication our team has shown over the past few months.

*Note: Most Pizza Hut restaurants are operated by independent franchisees® who have their own hiring and performance policies. These requirements may vary by location, and you`ll learn more by meeting the hiring manager. Welcome to Hot Pizzas, LLC (collectively, “the Company”). This manual provides information on the company`s employment policies and practices in effect at the time of publication. Sorry, the preview is currently not available. You can download the document by clicking on the button above. A clean driving record! Safety is our priority. You will also need a valid driver`s license and insurance. When we say that no experience is necessary, we really mean it! We`ll give you all the training you need to get around quickly and safely, and we`ll continue to support your career growth as much as you want. Dress up the room: Nothing “uniform” about the way we do things, because our uniforms (which are actually really cool t-shirts and hats you get when you start) were made by team members for team members. We simply ask you to keep them clean and come to work to make the Pizza Hat look vibrate. For some locations, delivery drivers must be at least 18 years old.

Quotes from a January 2021 survey of Pizza Hut`s corporate and franchised team members in the United States. Responses were voluntary and may not reflect the experiences of all team members. Pizza Hut believes that everyone deserves the opportunity to receive a great education and offers a variety of educational resources such as tuition reimbursement and scholarships to help you get there. Plus, through our Life Unboxed EDU program, we partner with Excelsior College – an accredited, nonprofit distance learning institution – to help you earn the degree you want with a discount of up to 51%. And that`s not all, the discount is also available for the families of our team members. To be an hourly member of the team, you must be at least 16 years old. Depending on your location, you must be at least 18 years old to be considered for a delivery driver position. A keen sense of direction. You`ll quickly get to know your service area, but it`s always helpful to know how to read a map, just in case! We call ourselves family for a reason. At and off the job, you`ll find plenty of support from your team, your leaders, and the dedicated Restaurant Center of Excellence (affectionately known as CORE). You`ll feel a real difference for Pizza Hut when you know that there are many people who care about you and want to help you succeed every step of the way.

It`s a great way to meet new people, show my personality, and advance in a career. Enjoy guidance, flexible shifts and career development opportunities in a fun, fast-paced and supportive team environment. No, all you need is a regular driver`s license, insurance, and a clean driving record! Talk to the hiring manager about your needs to see if a flexible schedule is available. Many Pizza Hut stores® offer full-time and part-time hours. Yes, and we think you`ll feel more comfortable with your own car. We provide a Pizza Hut Car Topper for every shift you drive. Talk to the hiring manager about your schedule and find out how flexible your work hours can be. Part-time, full-time and seasonal shifts available.

As a delivery driver for Pizza Hut, you are part of other firsts and are supported by a team that always supports you and enjoys a piece or three along the way. Without you, we can`t do what we do! Whether you are looking for part-time, full-time, odd hours, experience or not, a warm welcome awaits you and a lot of training and support. Apply now and be proud to be part of a fantastic team that brings good luck. A passion for the customer experience – even with your mask, it`s obvious that you`re smiling. Pizza Hut and its independent franchises offer more than an appearance; We want you to earn as much as possible, learn, grow, make friends and have fun – of course! We are deeply committed to justice and becoming a more inclusive organization every day. We know that when everyone has a piece of the pie, great things happen. With our commitment to representation, we are actively working on several initiatives, including education in the culture of belonging, to ensure we live a culture that welcomes all.

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