Postal worker detained for discarding over 100 mail-in ballots


Ensuing a few days after about 100 ballots were found in a dumpster in New Jersey, a Postal Service worker was detained on Wednesday with the indictment that he knowingly postponed and hindered the provision of mail, the authorities stated.

Delivery addresses of the mail-in ballots

The blank ballots were to be delivered by the Essex County Board of Elections to voters in West Orange, N.J., but were retrieved from a dustbin right outside a bank in North Arlington, N.J., previous Friday along with 633 erstwhile pieces of mail, and campaign fliers, the U.S. attorney’s office in Newark reported.

Nicholas Beauchene aged 26, a resident of Kearny, N.J., was accountable for carrying the ballots, but errantly threw them off, the office informed. He also discarded over 500 pieces of other mail that were discovered on Monday in another dumpster, in North Arlington, prosecutors added.


Investigators informed that the trash bin where the ballots were found was approximately one mile away from Mr. Beauchene’s residence.

Charges for discarding the ballots

Mr. Beauchene was indicted with the charges of deferring the mail and of obstructing the mail. If sentenced, he might be facing jailtime of five years and a fine of $250,000 on the first charge, and maximum six months in prison with a penalty of $5,000 for the second charge. He was arranged to turn up in central court in Newark on Wednesday afternoon.

It was not instantaneously evident whether Mr. Beauchene had a lawyer or not and court documents were not filled yet. Mr. Beauchene’s detention comes in the midst of amplified apprehension over voting via mail, which is anticipated to be used by millions of Americans in order to dodge casting ballots physically owing to the coronavirus pandemic.


President Trump has constantly made unsubstantiated allegations about prevalent swindle in voting via post or mail, and the Justice Department has been blamed of attempting to assist him in spreading that false chronicle by directing focus to small, sequestered cases where there were troubles.

The Trump government has been in the light for extreme reproach over variations fashioned to the Postal Service that censors say weakens the distribution of mail-in ballots and the honor of the election.

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