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President Trump and His Wife Melania Trump found COVID-19 positive

Melania Trump found COVID-19 positive

In Early Friday, Donald Trump has announced that he and her wife have tested COVID-19 positive. He took to Twitter to announce in the morning. President Trump’s Doctor Sean Conley has been confirmed about their health, He responded that both of them are feeling well at this time, they started quarantine and their treatment under him. They have planned to remain home within the White House during their medical treatment. This announcement has brought a storm to the people because of the 31 campaign which also includes two presidential debates. Those who have come in contact with President Trump and his wife should quarantine themselves just protect others and get the rapid COVID-19 test done.

Melania Trump found COVID-19 positive

The Next presidential debate is going to be held in Miami on 15 October. Sean Conley further said The White House medical team and he will be maintaining a vigilant watch. He also appreciated the support given by some of our country’s institutions and greatest medical professionals,” He also asked him to have patience. He expects President Donald Trump to continue doing his duties without interruption during recovery, and we will keep you updated on any future developments.

Melania Trump found COVID-19 positive

Melania Trump also took twitter to announce that she has been found coronavirus positive. She said “Like many Americans, President Trump and her have found coronavirus positive. She also informed me that they both are quarantining at home. They have postponed all the engagements as well.

Their tests have been done when Top Closest Senior Advisers of the Trump Administration. Hope Hicks has found to be positive on Thursday, She is the highest-profile member of the administration to deal with the virus who is in frequent contact with Trump and other top officials.

Melania Trump found COVID-19 positive

President Trump has done many campaign rallies in the country for months for the upcoming presidential election. Many of his campaigns were outdoors but some have been indoors. The most recent one was held on Wednesday night in Minnesota where his family had been seen without wearing masks in the crowd. He also went to New Jersey on Thursday for a fundraiser. Read here: Why Facebook removed Trump ads on refugees and Covid-19

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