Prison Break Season 6: What We Know So Far!!

Prison Break Season 6

Prison Break Season 6 is highly awaited by the fans, all thanks to its previous season. It is undoubtedly one of the best crime fiction series. Thus after five successful seasons, the fans are demanding for another one. But will that happen?

Prison Break Season 6: Are we Getting Another Season?

Prison Break Season 6

The fifth season of this amazing crime thriller series premiered in 2017. And since then we have been eagerly waiting for the makers for announcing another season.

But that official announcement never came. Although there were speculations that the makers are in talks with Fox to bring in another season of this series. 

But we saw a ray of hope when actor Purcell revealed that Prison Break Season 6 is happening. And he revealed that in an Instagram post. Therefore we are sure that we will get another season of this amazing series. Although Fox studios have not come up with an official announcement we can expect it soon.

Maybe the current pandemic situation is causing a delay in production work to resume. So we just need to wait for an official confirmation that our favourite crime series would be returning with another amazing season.

Prison Break Season 6: What Can Be The Expected Storyline?

We know that this crime thriller revolves around Lincoln Burrows and Micheal Scofield who are brothers. The story begins when Scofield gets death sentence for killing the brother of the US Vice-President but in reality, he is innocent. That is when his brother Lincoln Burrows makes a plan to make his brother escape from the prison.

Prison Break Season 6

In the fifth episode, we saw that Micheal Scofield who was rumoured to be dead was alive. And we saw him in the prison of Yemen. Apart from that we also saw how Lincoln is still trying to help his brother to escape from Yemen jail. 

On the other hand, Micheal’s wife has remarried. Therefore in Prison Break Season 6, we can finally expect Lincoln to succeed to make his brother escape. Apart from that, we will also get an answer to how did Micheal disappear and reached Yemen jail. Therefore the upcoming season is really going to be full of thrills and revelations.

We expect that Micheal will finally get the justice he deserves and reunite with his family. As for the cast, we can expect all the pivotal characters to make a comeback. We cannot wait to see Wentworth Miller slaying the role of Micheal Scofield and the amazing actor Dominic Purcell as Lincoln Burrows.

Apart from that, actors like Sarah Wayne Callies, Amaury Nolasco just to name a few are all set to return. We can also expect some additional characters in Prison Break Season 6.

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