PUBG Mobile Server Freeze Bug: Proof Cheaters Could Kill 99 Players

It’s been more than a month since the Indian Government banned PUBG Mobile along with 118 other Chinese Apps. But Since then nothing has really changed, On the Government order App Service provider like Apple App Store & Google play store removed the app from their app store but people those already have the PUBG Mobile installed in their phone can still play the game because PUBG Mobile’s server is still active.

Since PUBG Mobile servers are still active in India because most of the Internet Service Providers (ISP) haven’t blocked the PUBG Server so users can still enjoy the game despite the ban. Similar case TikTok India halted it all operation after Government Ban order including its website but in the case of PUBG Mobile, it’s going to a different approach.

How Cheaters found this Bug?

PUBG Mobile is a multiplayer online battle-royal game so it has different servers’ locations to give the player the best possible gaming experience, PUBG Mobile servers are including in Europe, Asia, South America, Middle East, KRJP. Because each continent is bigger and to give the lowest ping to the player PUBG Mobile has a sub-server in each continent where Asia sub-server is located in Korea, Sydney, Singapore, Seoul, Japan & Mumbai.

Server Freeze Error

What is PUBG Mobile Server Freeze Bug?

However, its Ban PUBG Mobile’s Mumbai server are still active and Indian players could match-up from this server and here comes the important part. Finally, Cheaters found a way to DDoS or attach the server and freeze the game of every other player in the plane including their own teammates.


Source: Discord

How does Server Freeze Bug work in PUBG MOBILE?

Cheaters made some tools which they are selling for hundreds of dollars. This tool works only in PC running with Windows 10. Cheater Plays the PUBG Mobile using Gameloop or any other Emulator once they board the plane they Run the DDoS tool to attack the PUBG Mobile Server which could lead to the “server timeout” or “900 pings” therefore you can’t do anything either a bot going to kill you or these cheaters will pick up the gun and kill all the disconnected players within a minute. Server Freeze and Un-Freeze Totally depends on the attacker you can’t do anything if you’re in the wrong game.

PUBG Mobile Response

PUBG Mobile Response

We all know PUBG Mobile is always working to make a fair gameplay environment for every player. After many reports PUBG Mobile team quickly discovered this bug and said in a statement “Due to the server was attacked, many players cannot play the game, We are combating to these DDoS attacks and working to fix our server ASAP” Also PUBG Mobile issued a warning for these cheaters “DDoS attack is a crime according to the law which could lead to you a 10 years imprisonment & $150,000 fine or both

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