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Putin will not acknowledge Biden as president-elect. Yet.

Putin - Biden

Putin addressed the nation during a conference on state-tv

Moscow: During a state TV Address by the Russian President, he addressed a variety of issues ranging from the spiking fatality rate in his country to commenting publicly for the first time about the 2020 elections.

Two weeks ago, when the results were called by major news networks declared, a Kremlin Spokesperson confirmed that Putin will hold on to congratulate Biden until the election results are officially declared. Since then Trump has filed lawsuits in multiple swing states, most of which have been rejected by the courts.

During the TV address, Putin clarified his stance on waiting to acknowledge Biden as the next US Leader. “We are willing to work with anyone who has the confidence of the American people. But that confidence needs to come from the Opposition Party as well or until the results are declared in a legitimate, legal way”

Putin: Relations between America and Russia are already damaged.

The Russian Leader is among the very few World Leaders left to congratulate Biden on his victory. In 2016, US intelligence agencies had accused the Kremlin of interfering in the US elections through disinformation and smear campaigns on social media platforms. There is an increasing fear that this too may be a strategic stand from Russia to undermine not only the US Elections but the US Democracy itself.

When questioned on this the leader said that the wait was “just a formality” and had no ulterior motives behind it.

When asked if he feels the move will damage relations between Washington and Moscow, Putin replied, “They’re already damaged”

Meanwhile Trump and his team of lawyers are increasingly making efforts to delay the certification of the results in Pennsylvania. Georgia completed its audit and recount of votes last Saturday and officially declared Biden the victor in the state, winning him 16 Electoral College points.

Unless the Trump campaign is able to prove that there was a considerable voter fraud in Pennsylvania the inauguration for Biden on Jan 20th seems inevitable.

Putin was also present along with Multiple World Leaders including Trump at the G-20 Summit in Riyadh via web-conference.

Vladimir Putin with Donald Trump during the G-20 Summit in 2017

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