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Ratched Season 2: Everything You Should Know!!

Ratched can be considered as Netflix’s one of the best psychological-thriller series. After amazing us with the first season, Ratched is returning with another season full of thrills and surprises.

Ratched Season 2: When Will It Release?

Ratched Season 2

Well, it is known to everyone that the makers of Ratched have already signed a two-season deal with Netflix. Therefore it is obvious that we will get Ratched Season 2. But Netflix has not come out with any official announcement about the release date.

Recently the main lead of the series Sarah Paulson has said that we are going to get another season. But she also added that the maker of the series Ryan Murphy is occupied with certain other pending shoots. Therefore they have no clear idea about when the shooting for Ratched Season 2 will begin.

Paulson also stated that the pandemic outbreak is also one of the reasons that the show is getting delayed. So it seems like the makers might start filming the second season of the series by next year. It means we will have to wait a little longer for Ratched Season 2.

Ratched Season 2: What Can We Expect From The Upcoming Season?

This Netflix psychological thriller revolves around a nurse named Mildred Ratched who has a very confusing personality. At one point in time, she is a very calm and a dedicated nurse and the very next moment she starts portraying a negative personality.

This series is adapted from a novel by Ken Kesey. In the previous season, we saw that Ratched’s brother Edmund is a serial killer. And is going to be executed soon. We also found out that Ratched is attracted to women. In the latter part of the season, we saw that Ratched’s love interest is diagnosed with breast cancer.

Ratched Season 2

But the ending left us with many questions. We saw that Ratched doesn’t want her brother to be executed in an electric chair and therefore she plotted to kill him so that he dies a painless death. But Mildred escaped his execution and came to know that his sister was planning to kill him.

In the upcoming season, it will be interesting to see how Mildred reacts to Ratched’s plan to kill him. If he takes it as betrayal then he might try to take revenge. Moreover, we can also get to know more about Ratched’s personality and mental disorders.

We can expect the plot of Ratched Season 2 to be more thrilling and exciting.

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