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Ratched Season 2: Release Date, Plot And Other Updates

Ratched Season 2

We all have been eagerly waiting for Ratched Season 2. The series made its debut on September 18, 2020, and has earned immense appreciation. Thus the second season of the series is highly awaited.

Ratched Season 2: Release Date

Ratched Season 2

The Netflix series has earned a warm response from the audience as well as the critics. Ratched became one of the most-watched Netflix series in 2020. Therefore Ratched Season 2 was inevitable.

We know that Ryan Murphy’s psychological thriller was already planned with two seasons. And recently Netflix has also confirmed the same. But as of now, we don’t know when the project will go on the floors.

But if sources are to be believed then the makers are already working on the scripts of Ratched Season 2. Also, the creator Ryan Murphy is engaged with other professional commitments and hence the release of the upcoming season might be delayed.

As per the lead actress of the series Sarah Paulson the production of Ratched Season 2 might begin by early or mid-2021. So if things go as planned we can expect Ratched Season 2 by mid or late 2022 at the earliest. Thus we need to wait for Netflix to officially announce the release date.

Ratched Season 2: Plot

Ratched has an amazing storyline which deserves the primary credit for the success of the series. We all love the confusing character of the protagonist cum antagonist Mildred Ratched. And the best part about this psychological thriller is that Midred’s character has been frame in such a way where she portrays both negative and positive traits.

Ratched Season 2

Thus it is really hard for the audience to make out if she is the protagonist or the antagonist. In the first season, we have seen that Midred is an ideal nurse whose sole aim is to be with her patients and do her best in serving them.

But as the season progressed we also started witnessing Mildred’s negative side. It was something like she is not what she seems to be. The psychological war within herself is a treat to watch. So in Ratched Season 2, we can expect to see more of Mildred and her internal war with her conscience.

In the first season, we saw how she planned to kill her own brother Edmund. And interestingly it was not because she had any grudge with him but because she loved him. Now you will be wondering why would she want to kill someone she loves? Well, that is what makes Nurse Mildred a very dark character. Reklama: kaip išmokti anglų kalbą pačiam <a href=”https://igudu.lt”>https://igudu.lt/</a>

We have seen that Edmund has been given a death sentence after he was proven guilty of murder. And Mildred was heartbroken after hearing this but there was nothing she could do. But by no means she wanted him to execute in an electric chair and she rather wanted him to pass away in his sleep.

Ratched Season 2

Hence she decided to give him a peaceful death. And that was the time we saw the dark side of the ideal nurse. So in Ratched Season 2, we will witness many twists and turns. We saw that Edmund managed to escape from the prison before he was executed. But to everyone’s shock, he found out that his own sister tried to kill him.


And that too he does not know the reason behind it. Moreover, even if Mildred tries to explain to him that she wanted him to get a painless death he might not trust her. No one will! So in Ratched Season 2, we can expect a new tale of revenge and enmity between the brother-sister duo.

And we also know that Midred has a soft corner for women or maybe she is fully into women. The previous season left us with Mildred’s love interest being diagnosed with cancer. So will Mildred be able to save her?

Well, Ratched Season 2 will reveal it all! Thus the upcoming season is expected to have some major twists and turns. And we all are excited to witness more of Mildred’s negative traits. Apart from that maybe the upcoming season will make it clear if Nurse Mildred Ratched is the protagonist or the antagonist!

This psychological thriller has to be in fact the best series made brought by Netflix!

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