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It all started with this post 32 days ago on r/legaladvice, in which a parent asked for advice on ending their parental rights after the death of his wife. That sounds good, but a much better piece of advice is not to say to anyone other than your lawyer. It`s a cynical and intelligent message, but it`s not bad advice for someone who thinks it`s something you can just do. Yes, just because an actor playing a criminal boss on a fictional TV show does something doesn`t mean it`s legal or advisable. This is especially true since Tony Soprano traditionally did not care about what was legal or ethical, or the impact of his own actions. EDIT: After the message was made in r/badlegaladvice, and shortly after this message was made, the mod was relieved of its functions, but no official mods comment on deletion yet. Napalmenator is still a mod at r/bestoflegaladvice that shares multiple mods with r/legaladvice There is a difference between being fired for a good reason and being fired because it is important in unemployment, and therefore there is a possibility that the legal system will intervene if the employer is simply trying to skip unemployment. Wow, it still happens. I hired a lawyer to draft an objection document to his fee request. We had a hearing. The judge dismissed his murder. He said she was not prejudiced because she was able to find a good lawyer.

He reprimanded me for attempting this stunt, but he also reprimanded his lawyer for filing a motion that the judge called “unfounded” and nothing more than a transparent attempt to make me look bad. We reached a divorce agreement on custody and a little after what we both agreed. I now have a great relationship with my children and I even have a good co-parenting relationship with my ex-wife. I`m in a very different and much better place now than I was when I did this stupid and horrible thing. I would no longer accept legal advice from the Internet and I would not take advice from r/exmormon. I am sorry for what I did and even for having the opportunity to want another person. Oh, to go with that – many attorneys will meet pro bono requirements by offering LL/tenant advice (albeit nothing in writing or official). You may have to pay to file a lawsuit or write a letter, but they can tell you if you have a leg to stand on. They lacked qualities to remain a mod and should also lose the flair. R/legaladvice is a lawyer`s cosplay. He also continued his legal misunderstandings, saying he was facing “a claim” for legal fees.

Meaning. Jack until an actual order is given. (EDIT: I have been informed that this link no longer works and does not work on other sites that allow viewing comments or deleted Reddit messages. Basically, LAOP mourns the loss of his wife and struggles to raise his 6-year-old daughter, who is also grieving. LAOP does not believe it can raise him alone and has sought his advice to end his rights. There`s not much more.) seems to be a big step forward for them. They`ve let this guy from Patman give surprisingly bad advice as a mod for years Scrolling through Reddit, it`s very obvious that many clearly unqualified people give obviously false and potentially dangerous legal advice, usually starting with the phrase “I`m not a lawyer, but.” What`s the worst case you`ve ever seen? Many of the “no lawyer” counsels in r/legaladvice seem to advocate blatantly illegal and often violent behavior in retaliation for fairly minor insults. I always thought it was crazy for people to take advice from strangers on the Internet. You could literally talk to a 15-year-old lmao. That`s one of the reasons I think it`s a useless submarine. Of course, it is better to consult a lawyer.

It`s like having a medical advice thread where non-medical experts use Google. That`s really stupid advice. The guy just needs to raise his child. What`s wrong with people? It frustrates me so much, especially with the lease threads here. I can`t tell you how many times I`ve seen a thread where OP is advised to “drop it” when the LL has included a clearly illegal/unenforceable clause in the lease. Your lease probably even states that each clause is individually contestable. Leases are also highly content-controlled, depending on the state. Did this guy also follow Barry Zuckercorn`s advice? I have seen this advice in two and a half men, it is not the best place to get advice, which seems to be a very bad place to get legal advice. Thank you for that clarification.

In a thread on the legality of physical attacks on people who don`t wear masks in public (big surprise, it`s always an attack), the general consensus was: “Feeling strong enough for something means laws don`t matter.” Another user, annoyed that the mods are giving dangerously bad legal advice, posts a link to this petition on r/badlegaladvice after repeatedly warning the mods and asking that the offending mod be punished. According to the user, following the advice would result in a fine of up to $120,000 and up to 5 years in prison. A discussion ensues, but the r/legaladvice mods have not yet responded. So if someone did it wirelessly Reddit, would it still be considered illegal? I`m inclined to note that it`s common on reddit to have this weird and psychotic power fantasy where you can respond to minor rudeness with immoderate and overwhelming violence and be applauded for it. Many of the “no lawyer” counsels in r/legaladvice seem to advocate blatantly illegal and often violent behavior in retaliation for fairly minor insults. The mod team is pretty good at removing these types of comments, but you`ll still see a lot of them. Edit: although I wonder if they would have understood it if it hadn`t been reddit. I am not even sure that lawyers in my area of expertise are allowed to discuss the fact that a particular person has come to them for legal advice. This would have been privileged if he hadn`t revealed it online. “First of all, the electric fence. Secondly, surveillance cameras, document every time. Third, gather all feces in tightly sealed containers and mark the date, third, raise hell with the county commissioner and local and state police, and if you are within 500 meters of any type of park, state, and wildlife.

Fourth, you must send your neighbour a “Cessation of Criminal Activity” by registered mail and on letterhead from a local lawyer. Fifth, if everything else is legal for shooting potentially vicious animals in your state, then get yourself an inexpensive shotgun and a buckshot you need to protect yourself and yours just in case. Then you should go to the Ursers County office and get the original 1893 property line, not the revised 1954 addendum, it will probably cost you more, but it`s worth seeing on which property the feces actually occurs. “The mods have since removed the comment as `bad legal advice` (edit: it has been pointed out below that the bad advice was only removed today after the post was made in r/badlegaladvice).” We received a court order on April 17, 2019 affecting your access to your PayPal account due to possible infringement of RAZORBACKS` intellectual property. Until further notice, your ability to send payments, receive payments, withdraw money or access funds from your PayPal account has been limited. OP: I live in Wyoming and my landlord took me on as a law student in the 3. The year I can confirm that this is completely false and most likely started by the police to protect undercover agents. Bleep-bloop, I`m a bot. This comment was inspired by xkcd#37 “Shred everything NOW before a trial happens so it doesn`t become evidence” I`m in my second year of college and plan to go to law school after graduation. What jobs should I do now to gain experience? Everything related to the sea – international law When he looks at the history of OP, he says it was okay in the end, but he got a slap on the wrist.

He also seems to have learned his lesson.

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