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In most states, you are not required by law to stop if you witness an accident. Nevertheless, I would be remiss if I did not mention how dangerous it is to drive drunk. To learn more, click here. In most states, in your hypothesis, the woman would not be required by law to call 9-1-1 immediately. In some states, however, people in a “special relationship” are obliged to provide adequate assistance. Examples include spouses, employers and employees, and parents and child. Bonjour.Je works in a qualified retirement home, but there is also another building which is the guest house. Sometimes the guesthouse`s medical help would call me to pick someone up from the floor or check if they had any injuries if they fell, or to check if someone was not feeling well. I don`t feel comfortable because they are not technically my patients. Am I legally responsible if something happens to their patients and the family decides to sue? If my son-in-law films my daughter`s suicide attempt and doesn`t call 911, is it legal? When should a doctor or nurse stop and provide help when they witness a car accident in the state of Texas? If so, when did this law come into force? The off-duty physician has no legal obligation to help (unless he or she establishes a relationship with the victim). However, the physician may have an ethical obligation.

In general, a person is not obliged to provide assistance. However, there are exceptions (for example, if the depot man started providing assistance and then stopped, or if the depot man was responsible for the accident and did not contact the emergency services). You will need to speak to a lawyer in your area and explain all the details. Sometimes this means that you argue that you are only criminally responsible for providing crimes and not an accomplice. A husband and wife took drugs together, and the husband overdosed. The woman called paramedics, but did not disclose that drugs were involved (because she didn`t want to get into trouble), resulting in the man`s death. My son collapsed and his head hit the ground in a motel parking lot. The person at reception saw him on the monitor and didn`t go out to provide help, and my son died. Could this person or the motel be held liable? It happened in Houston, Texas. In general, a person has no legal obligation to put his or her life on the line to save another person. However, some states consider the parent-child relationship to be a “special relationship” and require the parent to make an effort to save the child.

Even in states without this law, the parent may be obliged to save the child in certain situations (for example, if the parent takes steps to save the child, he or she must “stop working”). In the state of Arkansas, when an unpaid volunteer firefighter begins providing first aid and starting CPR and is alone. Becomes so exhausted and can no longer provide help and stops, and the victim dies. Can the volunteer firefighter be charged with a crime? Hi, my elderly neighbor is struggling with addiction and heart disease. For years, there were obvious signs of drug trafficking in the house. Over the past 6 months, his condition has rapidly deteriorated and his friends are no longer there. Recently, he was taken to the local hospital by ambulance 4 times in a week. Twice I looked out of my window.

The third time, he called me from his porch (our houses are close enough for me to hear him from my living room) and asked me to call 911 for him, which I did. Each time, he was sent home the same day. The situation has clearly worsened with each visit and each return home. The next morning, he called me back from his porch. He was bleeding profusely from his head and told me he had fallen. His pants were soaked in urine. He reported that he had illusions of people in his house. He was excited and stumbling and I could see that his house had been ransacked. I begged him to sit down, because he would clearly fall again. He wanted me to call his son, so I left a message. I suggested he needed medical attention immediately, but my neighbor got very excited and shut the door in my face.

I made the decision to call 911 and explained all these details to the operator, including the delusional thought and the fact that I had called 911 for the man the day before and he had been picked up and sent home 3 times that week. The 911 operator decided to send the police with the paramedics. The policeman at the scene came to my house and told me that his injuries appeared to be the result of a beating, but the neighbor continued to say that he had fallen (he falls often, but I had never seen him so bloodied). I remembered that my dog had barked a lot the night before and I noticed it to the officer. I also gave the phone number of my neighbour`s son to the police. When the son answered my call via text message, he was upset that the police were involved, and he seems to accuse me of having his father 5150`d. I don`t really know the result, but I do know that the son is very angry with me for what happened to my neighbor. I haven`t seen the house next door for at least a week. I hope that he will finally get serious medical care, which he seemed to need and did not receive because of his addiction. I wonder if I did anything wrong in this situation.

The officer called me back later that day and assured me that I had probably saved the man`s life by calling 911 about a possible serious head injury, but I feel very uncomfortable with the anger the son has shown towards me and I am afraid I have done something wrong in this situation. I also don`t know how to handle future interactions with the neighbor. I don`t want to get involved at all, I don`t even call 911, but I deal with it because it`s a vulnerable person. All proposals from a legal point of view are appreciated. As a rule, there is no obligation to provide assistance – not even for doctors on leave or spouses of the actor. However, in this case, the wife would certainly have other problems of criminal responsibility. Without all the facts for this situation, it`s hard to know what you should do. However, it`s never a bad idea to maintain the advice of a lawyer. If you believe it is a criminal matter, you should talk to law enforcement.

However, if you`re trying to recover money or property from the girlfriend (or someone else), it could be a civil matter (even from Small Claims Court). It would be best if you found a lawyer and explained the circumstances surrounding your legal problems. Good luck. As a reminder, a social guest may be legally obliged to provide first aid, as decided by many courts in our country. At the very least, we should all be aware of our legal duties, and while we believe you would be acting out of human compassion and morality, it is important to understand the legal obligations that may impose liability on us, our friends, and family. 2..And if the shooter`s wife was there, saw the shooting, was she responsible for providing help? Instead, she took the gun, walked and got rid of it. The answer is that as a party organizer, you may be required by law to provide first aid to your suffocating neighbor. In general, it is not illegal not to call 911 during a suicide attempt.

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