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Resuming of flight services from January 8 between India-UK in a restricted manner

Since, the recent onset of the new Coronavirus strain in the UK, all flights to and from the country has been stopped. India decides to resume the same from January 8.

Flight between UK and India

The Civil Aviation Minister Hardeep Singh Puri said that Flights between India and the United Kingdom (UK) will resume from January 8 on Friday. However, to ensure strict compliance with all protocols, Indian and British airlines each operate fifteen flights per week. It means that that will make thirty flights a week to and from the four major cities of Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru and Hyderabad.

In a tweet, HS Puri Aviation Minister said that it got concurred that on January 8, 2021, trips among India and the United Kingdom would continue. Until January 23, 2021, carriers to and from Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru and Hyderabad will fly restricted to 15 week by week flights, and DGCA will in a matter of seconds report data. However, the restrictions are needed to prevent the more infectious Covid strain in India. So far, it has been confirmed that that strain has about 30 people in the country.

In the wake of being suspended for sixteen days on January 8, flights will continue, implying that 140 flights have been dropped. There were around ten flights every day before, and now there will be just about four per day. For any aircraft, obliging travelers would be a test. However, to contain the pandemic, this should be done and we trust travelers comprehend our cutoff points, as expressed by a senior aircraft official.

An Air India representative said that all travelers were reached on 22 December and rescheduled their booked flights (already). Messages and messages (Friday) were shipped off travelers helping them to remember the movement date that was rescheduled. The primary trip out will fit those booked to fly on December 23.

Suspension of the flights

India has forbidden flights from the U.K. for a period of 10 days on January 21 after a new strain of coronavirus was discovered there. After several passengers arrived from the U.K., the ban was extended by one week. It was noticed that they were carrying the new strain. Before the ban, a total of 63 flights were operated by the airlines of the two countries – British Airways operated 29, Virgin Atlantic 8, Air India 23 and Vistara 3. It also included 21 Delhi flights and 13 Mumbai flights.

Reporting of more new cases

Meanwhile, India today reported four more cases of Covid-19 infection, bringing the total to 29. Health facilities are quarantining all the 29 persons.  An official said that the new strain was discovered in samples of eight people at the National Center for Disease Control (NCDC) in New Delhi, 2 at the Institute of Genomics and Integrated Biology (IGIB), Delhi, and 1 at the National Biomedical Genomics Institute (NIBMG). ), Kalyani (near Kolkata), 5 people at the National Institute of Virology in Pune, 3 at the Center for Cell and Molecular Biology (CCMB) in Hyderabad and 10 people sequenced at the Institute of Neuroscience and National Mental Health (NIMHANS) Bengaluru. The government is implementing a comprehensive contact-tracking exercise for fellow travelers, their families and others.