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Russia’s Vaccine: When will phase 3 trials begin?

Russia vaccine

Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, declared on 11 August that the country’s health regulator had ratified a coronavirus vaccine for pervasive use, becoming the first in the world to do so — but scientists around the globe have criticised the decision as perilously hasty. Russia hasn’t fulfilled trials to examine the vaccine’s effects and value. Researchers believe that releasing a vaccine which hasn’t been tested properly could harm the people who receive it.

Criticism for Vaccine

“That the Russians may be skipping such measures and steps is what worries our community of vaccine scientists. If they get it wrong, it could undermine the entire global enterprise,” says Peter Hotez, a vaccine scientist working at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas.

“This is a reckless and foolish decision. Mass vaccination with an improperly tested vaccine is unethical. Any problem with the Russian vaccination campaign would be disastrous both through its negative effects on health, but also because it would further set back the acceptance of vaccines in the population,” said Francois Balloux, a geneticist at University College London, in a statement distributed by the UK Science Media Centre.


Vaccine’s progress

Putin announced that the Russian regulator had permitted a COVID-19 vaccine curated by the Gamaleya Research Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology in Moscow, even though phase III assessments of the vaccine are not complete yet. Such trials include the process of providing thousands of people with the vaccine or a placebo injection, and then tracing its effects. The tests also let researchers confirm the vaccine’s efficacy and examine for sporadic side effects that might have been overlooked in smaller, earlier-stage trials.

Over 200 COVID-19 vaccines are in the process of being developed all over the world and many of them are already in phase III trials, with more companies and organisations panning to initiate theirs soon. But scholars and scientists contemplate that even the most primitive of those vaccines will not be ratified for months.

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Request for Vaccines

The manager of a Russian government-owned investment fund said that the vaccine would undergo phase III testing in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and other countries, as per the state-owned TASS Russian News Agency. The official also said that procurement appeals for one billion doses had already been obtained from 20 countries in Latin America, the Middle East, Asia and from other such places, and that the development capability was in place to create 500 million doses, with plans for further growth.

Vaccine for COVID-19

While some cures or home remedies may offer relief and alleviate some mild predicaments of COVID-19, there are no medicines as of now that have been proven to eradicate or cure the infection. WHO opposes self-medication at all costs with any medicines, even with antibiotics, as a means to treat COVID-19. Although, there are many clinical trials still in the process for both western and conventional medicines. WHO is making all efforts to curate vaccines and medicines to eradicate and cure COVID-19 and will persist to deliver updates on the same as soon as any research provides imminent outcomes.

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