Ryerson University Law School Requirements

Non-academic experience typically includes at least 5 years of full-time work experience and a combination of volunteering, significant life skills, and experience. Non-university university education is also considered and transcripts are required for all post-secondary studies. The University of Metro Toronto is built on the pillars of community and improved access to opportunities. Our mentorship programs are designed to support students on their path to law school by giving them access to a community of mentors to help guide their legal careers. Information about the university program changes regularly. The most recent details can be found in the application and on the university`s website. Nevertheless, links with law firms are crucial to Ryerson University and, given the relatively fleeting nature of its law school, it has attracted several law firms to fund some of its scholarships. This is probably the optimal way for law firms to pursue future legal talent and potential Lincoln Alexander candidates. To apply in the General category, you must have completed at least 3 full years (30 one-semester courses or equivalent) in an undergraduate program at a recognized university. The first year of the programme covers the fundamentals of legal education, with all courses compulsory.

You will gain a legal basis in a variety of areas that meet FLSC requirements. If you are not applying in the adult application category, you must have completed at least 3 full years (30 one-semester courses or equivalent) in an undergraduate course at a recognized university. We calculate your GPA based on your top 20 one-semester bachelor`s degree programs (or equivalent). We do not set a minimum MPA requirement for review. We will consider degree programs if your university transcript includes final grades for the minimum number of courses used in calculating the grade point average. Minimum requirements for undergraduate studies: 3 years; Almost all admitted applicants have completed a 4-year study program. Meet us at the Faculty of Law Fair, organized by the Law and Business Student Association (LBSA| website Facebook The information on this page was provided by the Faculty of Law. You can apply with less than 3 years of graduate studies in the Access category if all of the following conditions are met: Although the autobiographical sketch on the OLSAS application is similar to a CV, it is a separate, stand-alone component that you must complete. Give a brief overview of all activities, usually from the end of high school. Standard categories include employment, volunteer activities, extracurricular activities, awards and achievements, and research. You can also include other activities that you think are relevant to your application. We recommend that you add [email protected], [email protected], and [email protected] to your email contact list and/or approved senders list, and regularly check your spam folder to ensure you receive important communications.

The admissions committee considers factors such as the applicant`s two-year GPA, LSAT score, and any circumstances deemed relevant. The committee has a slight preference for applicants with a connection to Saskatchewan and residents of the territories and provinces without a law school. You must provide a comprehensive academic background in your OLSAS application from the beginning of high school. Transcripts for all post-secondary studies, including transcripts of studies as a visiting student or expatriate/exchange student, must be submitted through the OLSAS system. Where can I find details about Western`s personal declaration requirements? The essay should be used to provide additional personal information from a selection of topics we suggest, such as: A meaningful intellectual experience, a vision of your future goals, how you overcame barriers to performance, or how your identity, background, and experience contribute to the diversity of law school. Students interested in the program are encouraged to register at the beginning of each academic year. With the Mentor in the Field program, students have the opportunity to be matched with someone from the same background. Students are also matched with lawyers from law firms, industry and government, based on their interests in the legal industry. Minimum requirements for undergraduate studies: 3 years or more in a bachelor`s program at an accredited university are required, unless otherwise stated. Very good written and spoken English skills are essential for success in law school.

If your first language is not English and your post-secondary education is in a language other than English, proof of English proficiency may be required.

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