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Sacred Games Season 3: Release Date, Plot And Other Updates

Sacred Games Season 3

After the massive success of the previous seasons, Sacred Games Season 3 is eagerly awaited by the fans. Sacred Games Season 2 was released in August 2019 and got a warm response from the audience and critics.

Sacred Games Season 3: Release Date

Sacred Games Season 3

Sacred Games has to be one of the most popular web series produced in India. The series first premiered in 2018 and has entertained us with three successful seasons. And now we are all waiting for Sacred Games Season 3. But is another season on the cards?

As of now, Netflix has not renewed the series officially. So as per speculations Sacred Games Season 3 is on the cards but the production faced a massive delay due to the ongoing pandemic. 

We know that the ending of the previous season actually left a room for another season to be made. Because there is a lot more to explore when it comes to the plot of the series. If sources are to be believed that the makers are actually thinking about bringing another season of this amazing series.

Sacred Games Season 3

The lead actor of the series Saif Ali Khan recently revealed that he is not aware of the current status of the upcoming season. But looking at the brighter side, the actor did not rule out the possibility for another season.

So it seems like the things are at a halt due to the pandemic outbreak. Therefore we can expect an official announcement soon maybe by early next year. And if that happens we can expect Sacred Games Season to by early 2022 at the earliest

Sacred Games Season 3: Plot

The crime thriller series revolves around a police officer named Sartaj Singh and his encounter with a deadly criminal Ganesh Gaitonte The entire series revolves around how Sartaj chases Gaitonde and uncovers all his criminal activities. As the series approaches, we witnessed many dark secrets related to Gaitonde and Sartaj’s life. In the previous season, we saw how things took a turn.

Sacred Games Season 3

We saw that Gaitonde who once was adamant to destroy Bombay is now eager to save it. We saw that Shahid Khan activates a bomb to destroy Mumbai. And with that, we also got a glimpse of how Shahid Khan was affected by the 1947 partition. Also, Gaitonde finds out that Guru Ji has been using him throughout the years. Towards the end, Gaitonde committed suicide to save Mumbai.

But the end was not satisfying because we are left with so many questions. So in Sacred Games Season 3, we will finally know if Sartaj was successful in defusing the bomb. Will, he back off provided that fact that Shahid might be his long lost brother? Also, there is a lot more to be revealed about Sartaj’s personal life.

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