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Sanctions on the NATO Ally Turkey by the United States for purchasing air defence from Russia

Sanctions were imposed on Monday by the administration of the U.S President, Donald Trump on Turkey who is its NATO Ally over Russian Air Defence purchasing. It further set the stage for a confrontation between the two nations as the presidential office is supposed to take by President-elect, Joe Biden on next year. It is a delicate time for the new moves in relations between Ankara and Washington. The relation was already at odd over the acquisition of the S-400 missile defence system from Russia, the action of Turkey in Syria, and the Armenia, and Azerbaijan, and in the Eastern Mediterranean conflicts by Turkey.

Previously also Turkey kicked out from its F-35 stealth for fighter and the development programme by the U.S. over its purchase. Despite American official’s persistent warnings, they did not take any future steps which the officials have long complained about and say is not compatible with the equipment of NATO and is a potential threat to its allied security.

Statement from the United States

Mike Pompei who is the Secretary of the State said that Turkey is made clear at the highest levels by the United States on numerous occasions that their purchasing of the S-400 system would endanger the security of the military technology and personnel of the U.S. and provide substantial funds to the defence sector of Russia. As well as access of the Russians to the armed forces of Turkey and the defence industry. Furthermore, he said that nevertheless the procurement and testing of S-400 moved forward by Turkey to meet its defence requirements by NATO-interoperable despite the alternative availability. He also urged Turkey for immediate coordination with the United States and resolves the problem of S-400 immediately. The United States valued ally is Turkey and also an important regional security partner and hence they seek the continuance of their decades-long history and remove Turkey’s S-400 possession obstacle as soon as possible for productive defence-sector cooperation.

Statement from Turkey

The claims regarding the jeopardising of NATO systems were rejected by the defence minister of Turkey. Further, he said that the acquisition of Turkey was himself admitted by President Trump in many instances. It furthermore urged the U.S. for reconsidering the unfair decision and also the retaliation will be done in a manner and timing they deem appropriate. The U.S. sanctions on Turkey regarding the S-400 air defence purchase from Russia by Turkey as illegitimate were too condemned by the Foreign Minister of Turkey, Sergei Lavrov. He said that it is another arrogant attitude’s manifestation towards the international law which is a manifestation of unilateral coercive and illegitimate measures which for many years has been used by the United States.

The Defence Minister of Turkey, Hulusi Akar said the anxiety of the U.S. regarding the interoperability of the S-400s and the F-35s were prepared for discussion by Turkey. There was also a cool reaction to the suggestions from the Pompeo. However, they did not meet any government officials of Turkey on their visit to Istanbul.

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