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Schools will Remain Close Says Delhi Government

Schools Will Not Open Says Delhi Government

Schools are not going to reopen in Delhi, the Delhi government confirmed that schools will be shut down. Due to some safety concern the government has confirmed. Satyendra Jain, who is the Health Minister of Delhi have said that the safety of the students are most important, so there will be no classes for the students.

The Corona Cases are increasing day after day in Delhi, the government is trying to handle the situation but they are not able to. The people are trying to save themselves from this virus but they are not able to do to. And that is why the government took this decision.

Schools Will Not Open Says Delhi Government

From march all the schools are closed, students from all over the world are attending classes online only. This pandemic has forced us to stay in our house only. After the lockdown all of us in our house, and from that time we are not able to do what we want to do.

But this whole things is only for our safety. If we will not take care of ourselves then no one can take care of ourselves.

Schools Will Not Open Says Delhi Government

“There is no plan to reopen schools (in Delhi) as of now. We are hopeful that a vaccine will be available soon. Schools will not be reopened till the time we are convinced that students will be safe,” Mr Jain told reporters.

“Unlock 5” gives the liberty to the authorities that they can reopen the institutions anytime and many colleges are open as well. In many states schools are going on, they all are back to their normal life.

Schools Will Not Open Says Delhi Government

But there some some stares where the cases are so much and it is being very much difficult to control the situation. So, now we do not know that who long this would work and how long the schools are going to shut down.

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