Senior Human Resources Business Partner Job Description

This job description should not be interpreted as an exhaustive description of duties, responsibilities or requirements, but as a general description of the job. Nothing herein shall limit the Company`s rights to transfer or reassign tasks and responsibilities to such entity at any time. If you are applying for a job in the U.S. and are having difficulty completing the online application due to a disability, please call 201-508-3149 for assistance and leave a message. You will receive a reminder. Please note that this phone number is not for general employment information, but only for people who have difficulty applying for a job due to a disability. A qualified candidate also has in-depth knowledge of relevant labour laws and practices. The candidate will have knowledge of standard hiring practices, recruitment parameters, interview techniques and management systems and approaches. A qualified candidate also has proven and successful experience of influencing senior management and department heads in implementing ultimately beneficial human resources management policies and procedures. A Senior HR Business Partner (HRBP) serves as a link between senior management and HR. The role of an HR business partner is to ensure that hiring practices align with the overall business model and long-term goals of the company. HRBPs work with the legal department to ensure that all HR practices comply with acceptable employment law parameters.

As a senior manager of the HRBP, you work closely with senior management and ask those below you to implement policies. The lead HR business partner in this organization is expected to: As a bonus, the candidate has a proven and successful experience in problem solving leading to sustainable solutions for employee relations within a company. If necessary, the Senior HR Business Partner reports on all personal key figures, e.g. sales. He also ensures that the Junior HR Business Partners department`s budget is respected, reports on key figures on a monthly basis and recommends necessary adjustments to senior management to improve the department`s performance. Above is a senior HRBP job description that will help you get the most out of your business. Feel free to customize the content to optimize it according to your business goals. The lead HR business partner also supports leadership and management in progressive employee discipline and hiring decisions. In addition, he plays an important role in leading various projects across the company, actively participating in project teams and implementing initiatives while ensuring communication and collaboration within specialized departments and with business partners. Feel free to modify this job description according to your company`s needs and preferences. Knowledge and Opportunities: The HR Lead Business Partner has clear and detailed knowledge of industry trends, best practices and labor laws. This ensures the acquisition and retention of valuable employees by ensuring effective human resource management practices within the company that lead to employee satisfaction.

Below is the detailed job description of a Senior Human Resources Business Partner, which includes mandatory responsibilities, mandatory requirements and preferred qualifications. An HR Business Partner is responsible for researching, developing and implementing HR policies focused on business priorities and improving the workspace and work experience of employees. In addition, a senior human resources business partner must have good leadership and collaboration skills in order to be able to work effectively with leaders to develop strategic business initiatives and employees. In addition, an HR business partner is responsible for developing work tactics, policies and technical solutions to optimize HR functions in accordance with HR policies, labor relations and rules. He is also very active in social, cultural and educational projects that reflect the company`s values and beliefs. The Senior HR Business Partner strives to monitor and challenge existing work policies and procedures in the company and to constantly ensure compliance with company values and external laws. Here are the sample job descriptions that you can read to learn more about the role, and even use for your needs after making the necessary changes based on your organization`s goals. HR business partners, also known as HR engagement managers, are responsible for streamlining HR functions, reporting on HR metrics, improving employee retention, forecasting staffing needs, managing termination processes, managing risk, ensuring employee well-being, and ensuring regulatory compliance. The qualifications you need as a Senior HR Business Partner include a bachelor`s degree in a related field and experience in an HR role. A master`s degree can also help improve your employment opportunities. Many people return to school later in their careers to pursue an MBA, although it is possible to become a business partner without experience or degree. You can take on a junior position within a human resources department to develop the skills required for a senior human resources business partner role.

The Senior Human Resources Business Partner provides HR advice, support and solutions for one or more important and/or complex business units or functions. Interprets human resources policies, programs and policies, as well as employee relations, performance management, compensation and benefits, learning and development and other areas of HR. Acts as Acquisition Integration Manager for the HR function and manages the HR side of acquisitions in U.S. companies. Below are the job descriptions of two senior HR business partners for your needs. Feel free to modify these examples to suit your and your organization`s recruitment preferences and goals. The Senior HR Business Partner advises and coaches department heads and managers to support the company`s vision, mission and overall goals. He is also responsible for providing a comprehensive, consumer-focused human resources department that aligns both human resources management and business strategies. The Senior HR Business Partner examines cross-departmental leadership skills gaps within the company and develops corresponding action plans. As such, the lead HR partner analyzes the activities of the Human Resources Program, conducts program performance analysis, prepares reports and suggestions based on the results, and submits them to senior management for review. This article provides an overview of a senior HR business partner`s job description and the tasks they are responsible for.

We`ve also provided two sample job descriptions that match your needs and concerns that you can post immediately to attract talented and qualified candidates. Start. Strategy: The Senior HR Business Partner plays a strategic role in aligning the HR management function in the company by performing appropriate diagnostic measures. In his strategic role, the Senior HR Business Partner facilitates the effective implementation of new HR management initiatives across different departments and levels of the company. We are looking for an experienced, results-oriented HR business partner to align our HR initiatives and functions with business objectives and operational needs. HR business partner tasks include aligning employees with company goals, recruiting the right talent, improving employee performance, supporting employee development, improving recruitment efforts, planning strategic human resources initiatives, managing recruitment consultants, conducting orientation and onboarding processes, communicating role expectations, developing succession plans, managing employee relations, managing practicums, updating policies and practices, and monitoring wellness and health. Initiatives. His experience in human resources management helps our organization add value to overall business objectives, provide HR solutions, resolve staff complaints, retain talented employees, and ensure regulatory compliance. He also works with Senior HR Business Partner Management in the development of human resources management plans and strategies. HR`s primary business partner also takes the initiative and builds relationships with unions to facilitate collaborative work practices and stay in touch with government labour laws and practices.

Collaboration: The HR Lead Business Partner works with department heads and company management to develop recruitment plans, identify training needs, advocate for continuous employee learning as needed, and provide coaching and mentoring support as required.

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