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Draft Bill For Shakti Act Cleared By Maharastra Government

The Maharashtra government has recently cleared that draft bills for the Shakti Act.

Draft Bill For Shakti Act Approved

Shakti Act

The Maharashtra cabinet has recently cleared two draft bills under the proposed Shakti Act 2020. These bills are associated with women and child safety.

These two bills if cleared in the assembly session will be collaboratively known as the Shakti act. The Uddav Thackery led government has cleared both the bills and now it will be presented in the assembly session.

Shakti Act

These bills have been introduced to ensure the safety of women and children in India providing the fact that crimes against them are at a rise in the country. The proposed act will be under the Maharastra Criminal Law 2020.

It Is A Historic Move

If these bills are passed by the legislative assembly and the Shakti Act is implemented then it will be a historic move. Because laws and bills like this are much needed in today’s scenario.

Both the bills which has been cleared by the Maharashtra cabinet has laws for prevention of violence against women and children. And the Shakti Acts has the clause of giving death sentences for heinous crimes like acid attract rape, abuse against children.

Shakti Act

It also mentions that the investigation of such cases should not take more than 15 days. And after that, the culprit should be caught and punished immediately. The Maharastra government is quite confident that these bills and the Shakti Act will ensure a state free of violence and crime against women.

They are hopeful that the centre will also pass the bills as soon as it is placed. Because not only Maharastra but the entire country needs strong acts and laws for the safety of women and children.

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